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Twisted Tokyo (東狂, Toukyou)?, nicknamed "East Madness" (イーストマッドネス*)? in the soundtrack, is a dungeon in Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse.



Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse[]

Twisted Tokyo is a Tokyo from an alternate timeline, where the Messiahs never arrived and it was completely ravaged by demons. It takes the form of a giant Domain made entirely of tendrils and human skulls where the Fiends reside. Access to the dungeon is granted once the storyline reaches the 7/8 Moon Phase and the entrance will appear near Minami Sunamachi.

The dungeon and its floors are named after Tokyo and its landmarks and districts, but each floor concerning a landmark or district is written in an alternate writing in kanji in order to reference the Fiend at the end of that section of the dungeon. Also, the Japanese name for Twisted Tokyo is a word play on "Tokyo" and is literally translated as "Eastern Madness." All of these naming conventions only occur in the Japanese version.

The player cannot run from the artificially empowered random encounters in the area, and they cannot be recruited (Fundraise and Trade still work). Both the map and the enemy scanner is disabled due to floors being randomly generated, and as the player descends the floors only get bigger and more labyrinthine. Each Fiend must be beaten in 10 turns or less, otherwise Nanashi will be sent to the entrance of the dungeon, however, the Fiend does not regain the HP lost from the fight. Fiends drop Incense, Armor Boost Kits, Compendium Tickets, Battle Plans, and unique equipment, and once beaten do not respawn normally in the game.

After acquiring the "Depths of Twisted Tokyo" DLC ($1.49) and using the Eternal Torus item acquired from it, and then beating En no Ozuno at the bottom of Twisted Tokyo, the Fiends can respawn at higher levels and stronger than before, joined by En no Ozuno at the end. Random encounters will also get stronger as well. Enemy levels increase by ~75 levels per cycle, resulting in Mother Harlot being level 994 at Twisted Tokyo 9. Twisted Tokyo cycles never reset, even on New Game+. Each cycle of Twisted Tokyo will cause the Fiends to drop 1 additional item on defeat (to a cap of 6), and they also gain an additional Press Turn in battle every 2 additional cycles.

At the beginning of each section is a healing spring, but the door will only unlock should the player's stats exceed a certain threshold.

Demon Level Floor Equipment Equip Info
David 82 B2F Stradavari Gun x1, 1 enemy, 660 power, +90 DX
Matador 87 B5F Aiki Staff Blunt Phys x1, all enemies, 517 power, +Panic, +50 ST/AG/LU
White Rider 89 B9F Fantasista Accessory, Resist fire/ice/elec/force, +Victory Cry, +273 MP
Red Rider 91 B14F Chaos Sword Sword Phys x1, 1 enemy, 985 power, +90 ST
Black Rider 93 B20F Constraint Scale Accessory, Null phys/gun, Crit Rate up, +273 MP
Pale Rider 95 B27F Reaping Blade Dagger Phys x1-3, 1 enemy, +Death, +60 ST
Trumpeter 97 B36F Angel's Trumpet Gun x1-9, multi-enemies, +60 DX
Mother Harlot 99 B46F Babylon Ring Accessory, Null ailments, +Enduring Soul, +273 MP
En no Ozuno* 100 B57F Neophyte's Rosary Accessory, +High (all) Pleroma, +273 MP

*DLC only

List of Enemies[]

Azabu Juban (B1F-B2F)[]

In Japanese, the area's name is displayed as (麻舞十番, Azabu Juban)?, which roughly translates to "Ten Numb Dances," which references David making the dead come out from the grave and dance.

Roppongi (B3F-B5F)[]

In Japanese, the area's name is displayed as (六本戯, Roppongi)?, which roughly translates to "Six Shows," referencing Matador's occupation.

Okachimachi (B6F-B9F)[]

In Japanese, the area's name is displayed as (御勝町, Okachimachi)?, which roughly translates as "Great Victory District," as White Rider represents conquest.

Chiyoda (B10F - B14F)[]

In Japanese, the area's name is displayed as (血代田, Chiyoda)?, which roughly translates to "Blood-Generation Field," as Red Rider represents war.

Ooimachi (B15F-B20F)[]

In Japanese, the area's name is displayed as (飢尾町, Ooimachi)?, which roughly translates to "Hunger-Tail District," as Black Rider represents Famine.

National Diet Building (B21F-B27F)[]

In Japanese, the area's name is displayed as (国会議死堂, Kokkai-Gishido)?, which roughly translates as "National death-discussion building," as Pale Rider represents death.

Suidobashi (B28F-B36F)[]

In Japanese, the area's name is displayed as (吹道橋, Suidobashi)?, which roughly translates as "Blow-Path Bridge," referencing Trumpter blowing a trumpet.

  • Frosts (Ice Age, Mabufudyne, Concentrate, Smile Charge)
  • Tao Tie (Energy Drain, Purple Smoke)
  • Kingu (Deadly Wind, Maziodyne)
  • Skadi (Mabufudyne, Makajamaon)
  • Azazel (Trisagion, Maragidyne)
  • Hachiman (Thunder Gods, Tetrakarn)

Ochanomizu (B37F-B46F)[]

In Japanese, the area's name is displayed as (汚茶ノ水, Ochanomizu)?, which roughly translates as "Water of polluted tea," referencing Mother Harlot's status in the bible.

Farthest Reaches (B47F-B57F)[]

  • Demon Horde (Fire of Lethargy, Thunder Reign, Makajamaon, Fire Pierce, Elec Pierce)
  • Mot (Makakaja, Anticthon, Guardian Eye)
  • Python (Mamudoon, Fog Breath)
  • Vasuki (Poison Breath, Glacial Blast)
  • Samael (Great Logos, Ancient Curse)
  • Kangiten (Tetrakarn, Makarakarn)
  • Surt (Maragidyne, Berserker God)

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