The Twisted Shopping District is a location in Persona 4. It is the reality within the Midnight Channel created by Saki Konishi.

It is a small area compared to the massive mazes found in other parts of the Midnight Channel and only a few relatively weak enemies appear, since its sole purpose is to teach the player the basics of battling.

Profile[edit | edit source]

During their initial trek into the Midnight Channel, Teddie leads Yosuke and the protagonist into a part of the world that had never been there before. Yosuke was surprised to find that this area looked exactly like the Central Shopping District. Teddie then leads them into the entrance of a dungeon, which was parallel to the location of the Konishi Liquor Store.

Just then, Shadows emerged from the entrance. The protagonist awoke to his Persona, Izanagi, and defeated the Shadows with ease. Taking no chances, the trio stepped inside, where they found it to be a storeroom. There, the party heard the thoughts of Saki-senpai, which made Yosuke feel guilty, and subsequently revealed his Shadow. The Shadow then mocked Yosuke's purpose in coming to the Midnight Channel, revealing that he was only coming for the thrill of exploring the new world. When Yosuke denied this, the Shadow turned violent and attacked the party. The protagonist summons his Persona and defeated the Shadow. Yosuke then accepted that the Shadow is who he is, and awakened his own Persona Jiraiya.

Treasure[edit | edit source]

  • Skill Spanner — Yosuke's weapon. Found within the Former Konishi Liquor area after Yukiko joins the party.
  • Mori Ranmaru Sochu - An item for Quest 03. Check the barrels to get this.

Shadows[edit | edit source]

Shadow LV HP SP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Floor
Slipping Hablerie 1 40 35 Elec Fire - - - -
  • Note: No more Shadows appear after the Boss event.

Shadow LV HP SP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Floor
Slipping Hablerie 1 40 35 Elec Fire - - - -
  • Note: No more Shadows appear after the Boss event.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Shadow LV HP SP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Floor
Shadow Yosuke 3 300 200 Elec Phys Light, Dark - - -

Shadow LV HP SP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Floor
Shadow Yosuke 3 300 200 Elec - Light, Dark - - -

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Persona 4 Twisted Shopping.png
The junction at Shopping District, North
Persona 4 Twisted Shopping 2.jpg
Scene in front of Konishi Liquors
Persona 4 Twisted Distant.jpg
Konishi Liquor Entrance in Persona 4 The Animation
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