Rise Kujikawa -True Story

Rise performing True Story.

"True Story" is the title of the special opening song produced for the ninth episode of the anime Persona 4 The Animation. Composed and arranged by Shoji Meguro, lyrics by Yuichiro Tanaka, and performed by Rie Kugimiya, who voices Rise Kujikawa. The full version was released as one of the tracks on the Bonus CD bundled with the 5th volume of The Animation.

A slightly modified version of the song later appears in Persona 4 Golden during a concert performed by the Investigation Team at Junes. An English version of this song appears in the localized version of the game performed by Laura Bailey, Rise's English voice actress.

A "True Story (ATLUS Kozuka Remix)" is in the PS Vita version of Persona 4: Dancing All Night.[1]

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Japanese[edit | edit source]

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胸騒ぎ無視しても 心がFeel Blue
Muna sawagi mushi shite mo kokoro ga Feel Blue
結局は手につかない 朝が来ちゃう
Kekkyoku wa te ni tsukanai asa ga kichau

思うだけじゃ 届かないんだ
Omou dake ja todokanain da
Change yourself 神様に任せてらんない
Change yourself, kami-sama ni makaseterannai

Just Find ホントは聞こえてた
Just find hontou wa kikoeteta
君の切ない声 ずっと
Kimi no setsunai koe zutto
Shake Hands 手を繋ぐ勇気で
Shake hands te wo tsunagu yuuki de
星が今 星座になるよ
Hoshi ga ima seiza ni naru yo

Shout Friends 本気の言葉だけ
Shout friends, honki no kotoba dake
響け 世界の彼方まで
Hibike sekai no kanata made
Dream Bells 二人の鐘の音が
Dream bells, futari no kane no ne ga
明日のドア開いてく True Story
Asu no door hiraiteku True Story

English Translation[edit | edit source]

Even if you ignore the uneasiness in your chest, your heart will feel blue
In the end, tomorrow comes even if you don't think about it

Feelings can't go anywhere on their own
Change yourself, don't leave it in God's hands

Just find out that I have always
been able to hear your sad voice
Shake hands with the courage to hold hands
The stars are turning into constellations

Shout friends, how you truly feel
such that it echoes to the ends of the Earth
Dream bells, the sound of our bells
shine peacefully tomorrow - True Story

English Localization[edit | edit source]

You got yourself behind a door deep inside your heart, again
You wanna hide, you wanna come out, going round and round

Thinking hard about it doesn't help you one bit
Say Hello (Hello!)
You gotta say goodbye to thousand lies, yeah!

Shout, friends! Just those words you really mean
And let your voice be heard all over the world
Stand up when you hear the knock on the door
It's me, come on out;
Get ready for your True Story

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