The Tribhvana (トリブヴァーナ, Toribuvaana)? is an organization in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2.


The Tribhvana (or Tribhuvana) is the most powerful and respected unit within the Karma Society's army. Named after the Hindu word for the Three Worlds, the Tribhvana consists of three very powerful Tuners. Although their names are never mentioned, their code names are Heaven, Earth and Air.

Through advanced experimentation with the demon virus, Heaven has been granted immense mental powers enabling her to use a strong variety of magic through her Yaksa avatar, Ganga. Earth has been granted exceptional physical prowess in the form of Ubelluris to the point that he is completely immune to physical assaults. Finally, the experiments on Air have driven him almost to the breaking point, but his skills with support magic when he takes on the Yaksa form of Cu Sith make him the perfect compliment to the magical and physical powers of his two comrades.

Despite their best efforts, even the Tribhvana couldn't compare to the power of the Embryon. They were defeated and forced to retreat both times they attempted to destroy them, which led to Earth turning against his comrades and devouring them both. By devouring Heaven and Air, Earth was able to take on the form of the mighty Abaddon and use all of their powers. Disgusted by the way Earth killed his own comrades Cielo stepped forward to meet his challenge. Although he fought with all his power, Earth could not overcome the Embryon even in this new form and was soundly defeated. Instead of devouring him, Cielo took his security card and left him to live with what he had done.

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