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The Tower of Confinement (幽閉の塔, Yūhei no Tō)? is a location in Shin Megami Tensei: if....



Shin Megami Tensei: if...[]

A gigantic tower of unknown name that used to be located at the very center of the Expanse. Demons could go in and out the tower as they pleased. The building is divided in many different areas, each of them known as a Nomos. They are, from bottom to top:

  • Earth Nomos (地のノモス, Chi no Nomosu)?
  • First Nomos (第1ノモス, Dai Ichi Nomosu)?
  • Second Nomos (第2ノモス, Dai Ni Nomosu)?
  • Third Nomos (第3ノモス, Dai San Nomosu)?
  • Fourth Nomos (第4ノモス, Dai Yon Nomosu)?
  • Heaven Nomos (天のノモス, Ten no Nomosu)?

Prior to the beginning of the game, Ideo Hazama came to the Expanse and reached the top of the tower with the help of many demons he had made a pact with. After reaching the top, Hazama gained immense power and became the ruler of the Expanse, crowning himself with the title of Deity Emperor.

Hazama made many changes to the Expanse's topography, including changing the tower's location. The tower's exits were sealed, prompting those trapped inside to call it "Tower of Confinement." The many geysers that allowed for quick travel between areas had their water supply cut off by valves. Furthermore, the Nomoses were also isolated from one another by gates guarded by powerful demons.

In Akira's Route, Akira and the protagonist end up falling into the tower after trying to escape Karukozaka High School via a secret manhole. With no way to escape, the two of them make their way up the many floors in order to defeat Hazama and secure a way home.

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