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To Wish - Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers

"Towards a Dream" (願いへ, Negai-e)? is the ending theme of Persona 5 Strikers. The song is composed by Atsushi Kitajoh, with lyrics written by Daisuke Kaneda (Jasmine Webb for the English version) and sung by Lyn Inaizumi.

The English version of the song is recorded for the Western release of the game, it is included in the pre-order bonus content application.

Official Lyrics

いつからだろう 自分を忘れて
流されて ただ歩いてきた

誰かの言葉に 縛られてたけれど
本当の気持ち 今でも 胸にしまっている

思い出そう 今
忘れかけた その夢

どうしてだろう 思いを隠して
私には見えない 光が

誰かの答えに 身を委ねてたけど
本当の気持ち 打ち明け 前を向いてみよう

思い出そう 今
諦めてた その夢

迷った時 辛い時 心挫けそうにもなる
だけど 負けずに信じよう
私の 自分だけの道を

誰かの言葉に 縛られてたけれど
本当の気持ち 抱きしめ 私は歩き出す

思い出そう さあ
道を照らす その夢
私は 私を好きになれるよ

itsu karadarou jibun o wasurete
ushiro ni tsudzuku ashiato
nagasarete tada aruite kita

dareka no kotoba ni shibara re tetakeredo
honto no kimochi imademo mune ni shimatte iru

omoidasou ima
wasurekaketa sono yume
watashi no kokoro ga shimesu ashita e

doshitedarou omoi o kakushite
korekara susumu michi sura
watashiniha mienai hikari ga

dareka no kotae ni mi o yudane tetakedo
honto no kimochi uchiake mae o muite miyou

omoidasou ima
akirame teta sono yume
watashi ga kibo o moteru yo ni

mayotta toki tsurai toki kokoro kujikeso ni mo naru
dakedo makezu ni shinjiyou
watashi no jibun dake no michi o

dareka no kotoba ni shibara re tetakeredo
honto no kimochi dakishime watashi wa aruki dasu

omoidasou sa
michi o terasu sono yume
watashi wa watashi o suki ni nareruyo

My earliest memory
Doesn't know who I used to be
I take a glance at the trail left behind
I trekked on and on
Living a world of influence

For what feels like eternity
I let their every word control me
But even now I hold close words of my own
Sentiments hidden away within

It's time to recollect again
The dreams I had almost forgotten
Then step towards another day
My heart will guide the way

Never meant to be revealed
Emotions always kept concealed
Lost in my tracks with no sign to pursue
Lingered in silence
Not one single beacon glows

For what feels like eternity
I let their answers cradle me
But now I'm going to disclose answers of mine
Heed my inner voice and face ahead

It's time to recollect again
The dreams I had almost given up on
Then I may learn to be brave
Thus keeping hope alive

Whenever we're lost
Whenever we're hurt
Times can be really tough
Hard to stay strong enough
However I won't give up and I will believe
Believe in this resolve of mine and mine only

For what feels like eternity
I let their every word control me
But now I'm going to embrace words of my own
This is where I will begin my life

It's time to recollect now
The dreams that sheds a light on my path
Then I may learn to love myself
A little more than before

From when, I lost my self?
I was only following the footsteps of others
I was just walking their way

Despite I've been bound by the words of others
I still held onto my true feelings

Now, remember
The dream that you lost
I had shown my true feelings until tomorrow

Why did you hide away your true feelings?
The path from here
Is the light that I can't see

Despite I had been, entrusting the answers from others
My true feelings were all lit up, and you should see the way forward

Now remember,
The dream that you gave up on,
I felt like I am clutching unto hope

When I lost my way, when I was suffering
When my heart was torn, I just want to give up
But now, I Believe that I won't be defeated,
The path I chose, only for me

Even if I've been affected by other's words
I still held tight into my true feelings, and thus I moved a step forward

Now remember
The dream that guides you
And so, I've grown to like myself now.


  • A melody from Throw Away Your Mask can be heard towards the end of this song. This same melody can also be heard from "The Heart of an AI -Another Version-."
  • Melodies from Hoshi To Bokura To can be heard during this song, alongside the "Follow my Heart" sample near its end.
  • This is the first Persona ending song to have an official English version.
  • Throughout the game, Sophia and Kuon Ichinose occasionally hum fragments of the song's melody. Examples of this, in terms of the official English translation, include Sophia humming the first words "My earliest memory" and the lyric "I let their every word control me." Kuon hums the lyric "For what feels like eternity."

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