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Touko Aoi is a detective friend of Naoto Shirogane in Persona x Detective Naoto.



Touko is a young woman in her early thirties with long brown hair tied into a ponytail and gray eyes. She wears a white collar long sleeves shirt with a dark brown coat and striped pants.


A confident and intellectual person, Touko is the kind of detective Naoto aspires to be. She commands the attention and respect of her peers and keeps her calm in difficult situations. She has a highly analytical mind that often allows her to be a few steps ahead of Naoto when they work together. She has a playful side, though, and often enjoys poking fun at the younger girl.


Persona x Detective Naoto

A police detective in Yagakoro that Naoto met five years before the events of Persona x Detective Naoto. She left a strong impression on the much younger Naoto and knows that the younger girl will accept her offer to work together on a case involving the recent disappearances of two high school students. Touko has been a Persona User since her youth and became acquainted with Sousei Kurogami and Tetsuma Tsuge due to her ties to the Kirijo Group. Her Persona Kushinada-Hime allows her to see ten minutes into the future, which aids her in her detective work.