Totem Icon P1 Totems (封神具, Fūshingu)? are special items in Megami Ibunroku Persona.



Totems are items required to summon unique Personas. They can be found in treasure chests, bought from the casino, or obtained by Returning a Persona. According to the Persona World guide, Totems and Material Cards are items that contain the sealed power of gods and demons. The guide also divides them in three categories: Alias (named after the Persona), Belonging (something belonging to the Persona), and Related (something related to the Persona).

Each Totem is associated with a certain Persona, and when added to the certain fusion it'll change the result to that specific Persona. In most cases Totems work as long as they are added to a fusion that would result in a Persona of the same Arcana as intended. Some of the strongest Personas however, can only be created by fusing specific demons in a Special fusion.

The Totems needed to fuse the party's Ultimate Personas are obtained in a special way. In the SEBEC route, the protagonist is given many choices that test his strength of character. When meeting his other self at the depths of the Alaya Cavern, he'll receive a certain number of Totems depending on the number of correct answers: five if they're all correct, only two (for himself and Maki) if there's any incorrect answer, and zero if they're all wrong. The answers are:

Location Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
Reception Desk Help her. Don't help her.
Deva System Chamber Press the red button. Press the blue button.
Queen's Chamber Maki's is better. The Queen's is better.
Haunted Mansion Lower your weapons. Fight Hariti.
Deva Yuga To find my reason. I don't really know.
Lost Forest Don't hide like that! Maybe you are...

In the Snow Queen Quest, the player is rewarded Ambrosia after clearing each one of the three towers. The quantity depends on the order in which the towers are cleared: doing them from easiest to hardest will provide the least amount of Ambrosia, while starting with the hardest is the only way to obtain all five. After defeating Lady Masquerade and gaining access to the upper floors of the Ice Castle, the player can find Hee-ho-kun on 3F, where he'll trade one piece of Ambrosia for a Totem. If the player has less than five Ambrosia, they have the freedom to choose which Totems to obtain.

List of TotemsEdit

Totem Icon P1

This is a list of all the totems used to fuse unique Personas, the resulting Persona, and their locations.

Totem Resulting Persona (Level) Exclusive to/
Special Fusion
PSP Revelations SEBEC route Snow Queen Quest
Enma Notebook
Hell Book Hierophant Yama (5) - Casino (500 coins)
Gottabe Shoes
Teddy Bear Judgement Nike (7) Elly's Initial Persona Lost Forest Nemesis Tower 4F
Raven Feather
Gift Box Justice Nemhain (8) Brown's Initial Persona SEBEC Building
3F (PS1)/4F (PSP)
Hypnos Tower 2F
Flame Shawl
Earth Seed Magician Houri (8) Ayase's Initial Persona SEBEC Building 2F Hypnos Tower 2F
Fomor Lineage
Lapel Devil Bres (10) Reiji's Initial Persona Lost Forest -
Masamune's Eyepatch
Pentagram Emperor Brahma (23) - Casino (1,000 coins)
Nibel Crystal
Niple Death Hel (34) Casino (1,500 coins)
Death Ring Priestess Urdr (37) Mana Castle 5F Nemesis Tower 7F
White Tablet
W-Tablet Hermit Byakko (39) Mana Castle 5F Tartarus
Emperor Wu's Peach
War Tablet Empress Seioubo (44) Casino (2,000 coins)
Black Tablet
Temperance Genbu (45) Deva Yuga 3F Tartarus
Suitengu Talisman
Monk Charm Magician Varuna (47) Casino (2,500 coins)
Blue Tablet
B-Tablet World Seiryuu (49) Lost Forest Tartarus
Black Garter Belt
Monk Tablet Moon Succubus (53) Casino (3,000 coins)
Victorian Rune
Lunar Piece Justice Tyr (54) Brown's Ultimate Persona Alaya Cavern B8F Ice Castle 3F
Crimson Tablet
C-Tablet Sun Suzaku (55) - Alaya Cavern B5F Ice Castle 2F
Bisonskin Drums
Dark Tablet Empress Durga (57) Yukino's Ultimate Persona - Ice Castle 3F
Babylonian Coffin
Coffin Death Mot (58) Reiji's Ultimate Persona Alaya Cavern B8F -
Purified Water
Pure Water Chariot Susano-o (59) Mark's Ultimate Persona
Stuffed Deer
Golden Pen Magician Frey (59) Ayase's Ultimate Persona Ice Castle 3F
Amber Glasses
Trifocals Judgement Yamaoka (60) Nanjo's Ultimate Persona
Pasque Flower
Mud Flower Priestess Verdandi (61) Maki's Ultimate Persona -
Rosetta Stone
Lava Charm Emperor Amen Ra (62) Protagonist's Ultimate Persona Ice Castle 3F
Judgement Contract
Buster Judgement Michael (62) Elly's Ultimate Persona
Faceless Mask
Black Mask Tower Nyarlathotep (66) Exclusive to Reiji Dropped by
God Kandori
General Piece
Chess Piece Justice Bishamonten (66) - Return Ogma at MAX Rank
Thunder Box Hierophant Fuhedi Mergane (74) Casino (3,500 coins)
Pagan Idol
Pagan King Devil Beelzebub (77) Exclusive to Reiji Dropped by Alice
Prosecutor's Diary
Dark Ash Judgement Satan (79) - Return Anubis at MAX Rank
Big Statue Sun Garuda (79) Rakshasa x Yaksa Casino (4,000 coins)
Dordona's Oar
Sun Seed Magician Ildanach (80) Cath Palug x Crom Cruach Return Aonbarr at MAX Rank
Kolkata Souvenir
Dark Gift Empress Kali (85) Dakini x Gdon Dropped by Miyasudokoro
Glass Doll Emperor Vishnu (86) Gandharva x Yaksini Obtain all 142 Spell Cards
Fate Pin Priestess Skuld (88) Ouroboros x Fafnir Return Urdr at MAX Rank
Tora Stomachband
Tiger Belt Hierophant Indra (89) Hannya x Girimehkala Dropped by Ouroboros
Olive Necklace
Olive Ring Justice Pallas Athena (90) Scylla x Arachne Dropped by Fafnir
Daily Meal
Silver Dish Judgement Vohu Manah (94) Jinn x Cherub Dropped by Adramelech
Maxi Tempest
Sun Tablet Chariot Shiva (96) Kwancha x Ganesha Dropped by Fenrir
Dragon Scale
D-Scale World Shokuin (97) Toufei x Naga Alaya Cavern B6F Ice Castle 9F
Morning Star
David Star Devil Lucifer (99) Exclusive to Reiji
Salome x Picollus
Return Ishtar at MAX Rank


  • In the Japanese version, Totems are known as fūshingu (lit. sealing shingu). A shingu is an object placed in a kamidana and can be many different things such as small vases, candle holders, small mirrors, miniature torii, etc.
  • The Totem used to summon Nike is called "Just Do It" in the Japanese version, which is Nike's slogan. The localized name, Gottabe Shoes, is a reference to one of the company's marketing campaigns, "It's Gotta Be The Shoes."
  • The name of the Totem used to summon Verdandi is mistranslated in both Revelations: Persona and the PSP port. The Totem is actually called Passé, which is the French word for "past." This is because the Totems used to summon the three Norn sisters (Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld) are named after the French words for past (passé), present (présent), and future (avenir). However, only Skuld (future) is assigned to the correct time period while Urd (past) and Verdandi (present) are switched around.
  • Totems are precursos to the Material Card system used in the Persona 2 duology.

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