Tokugawa Mandala is a Domain in Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse.


"A magic barrier that the Divine Powers set up. It is based on a spiritual seal that Tenkai put up 400 years ago. The Divine Powers were able to stop the Demon Summoning Program from working by utilizing the seal."
Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse Notes, entry - "Tokugawa Mandala"

A mystical barrier activated by Aether absorbing Jars found in the five Fudou Myouou Temples located in Tokyo. Absorbing different endless supply of Aether from the Expanse keeps the barrier active even if one or four jars are sealed. The Jars absorbing a different type based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Only when the five are sealed does the barrier go down. It prevents demon summoning, the appearance of most demons not allied to the Divine Powers, and deactivates the Terminals that run on the same technology as the Demon Summoning Program. The temples are guarded by Maitreya's Buddhist subordinates the Four Heavenly Kings and Marici.

The Mandala is activated when many Hunters were on the verge of lynching Nanashi for releasing Krishna and Fujiwara for defending him, allowing the Aztec Gods to lead raids on several districts. After they are dealt with Nanashi goes to Midtown to meet with Tenkai, who teaches him how to deactivate it.

  • Marici: Guard of the Okuji Temple and the sin of Pride. Represented by the color Yellow.
  • Jikokuten: Guard of the Kyoseiin Temple and the sin of Sloth. Represented by the color Blue.
  • Bishamonten: Guard of the Rykokuji Temple and the sin of Wrath. Represented by the color Black.
  • Zouchouten: Guard of the Nanesekiji Temple and the sin of Lust. Represented by the color Red.
  • Koumokuten: Guard of the Hakujoin Temple and the sin of Gluttony. Represented by the color White.
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