Time's Edge DCMR

Time's Edge as it appears in Devil Children Messiah Riser.

Time's Edge is the link between worlds and times.



DemiKids: Dark Version

Time's Edge exists between time and space, it's purpose it to link worlds through portals.

The portals on the left are only accessed in DemiKids: Dark Version and lead to Present Dem, Future Rem and Past Dem.

Devil Children Fire Book

Time's Edge can only be reached after traversing the Angel's Tower or Akuma no Hokora. It connects to Makai and Tenkai. A gate is found on the top of the Tower of Babel, and both Jin and Akira fight each other here whileunder when the power of illusions both enemies group use, making them appear as Mephisto and Isaac.

Devil Children Messiah Riser

Time's Edge is the area that allows for travel between the different worlds in the game. Akira and Jin must first beat Behemoth and Odin before they gain access to it. Once they obtain the crystal guarded by the Imperium in one world, access is granted to another. The final world where both groups meet up again is in the Center Expanse.


Time's Edge
Time's Edge
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