Thunder Reign (真理の雷, Shinri no kaminari)? is a damage-dealing Electricity skill.


Thunder Reign deals severe Electric damage to 1 target.

In Persona 3 and Persona 5, like with all Electric skills, it can also inflict the Shock ailment to the foe. The effects between the games vary.

In Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse, the skill known as "Thunder Reign" uses Wild Thunder's effect, affecting all enemies with severe Elec Damage instead of one. Instead, the single target severe-tier Elec skill is named Thunder Gods (八色雷公(やくさのいかづち), Yakuza-no-Ikazuchi)?. The attack pierces resistances if the user is Smirking.

Game Effect Power Acc. Effect Cost
Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse Severe Elec damage to 1 foe. Pierces Resistances during Smirk. 40 MP
Persona 3
Persona 3 FES
Persona 3 Portable
Severe Elec damage to 1 foe. 650 99% Shock, 100% 32 SP
Persona 4
Persona 4 Golden
Severe Elec damage to 1 foe. 400 98% - 48 SP
Persona 5
Persona 5 Royal
Severe Electric damage to 1 foe. Severe Shock, Rare 48 SP


By equipping AccessoriesEdit

Party members are able to learn Thunder Reign by equipping certain Accessories:

Game Accessory Location
Persona 5 Royal Goddess Horn Electric Chair Execution - Ishtar
(Fusion alarm)


Shin Megami Tensei IV ApocalypseEdit

Demon Race Level
Beelzebub Tyrant 81
Izanami Megami Innate
Aniel Herald 93

Persona 3 / FES / PortableEdit

By leveling upEdit
Persona Arcana Level
P3 P3F P3P P3 P3F P3P
Odin Emperor 63

Persona 4 / GoldenEdit

By leveling upEdit
Persona Arcana Level
P4 P4G
Thor Chariot Innate

Persona 5 / RoyalEdit

By leveling upEdit
Persona Arcana Level
P5 P5R P5 P5R
Odin Emperor Innate
Orichalcum Faith - Innate

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