• btw I may ask, do you have any advice on editing wikias?

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    • Hello! I'm quite surprised you'd ask me such questions, but let me try to answer that.

      If you ask me for an advice, I would recommend you to understand the policies and guidelines for the Wiki you want to contribute to. Although all Wikis are supposed to follow the same ToS, each Wiki may have their own rules, so please keep that in mind! Also, never violate the Wiki's rules at any circumstances!

      From that, if you don't know what to contribute, you can ask the staff members! I'm sure they have a ton of work, so you can lend them a hand!

      Try to familiar yourself with source editing style as well, I'm sure if you learn slowly but sure, you will manage at the end!

      Best of luck o/

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    • Well, actually it’s not more like a “how to edit” it’s more like something else

      You see it’s not spam or anything (it kinda is) but..

      I kinda want more admins for my new wikis since lately, it hasn’t been doing well, but of course

      I’m not forcing to becoming an admin yourself, I was just asking if you would want to since your editing skills are own par compared to mines.

      again, i’m not forcing.

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    • May I see what kind of Wiki that you are managing right now?

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    • Yes, three actually, And but most importantly I need a lot more work on all of these wikis including Lookism wiki because I just adopted that wiki not too long ago and it has a bunch of coding issues

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    • I can't promise anything because I'm lack of knowledge about the series of the Wiki that you are maintaining, but you could always ask the Community to help you with coding stuff!

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    • Yeah, that’s sorta what I was thinking about, those wikis do need a lot of coding and stuff sorta like what yours is, so yeah

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    • A FANDOM user
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