P5R MyPalace

The protagonist in his "Thieves Den," Persona 5 Royal.

Thieves Den, also known as My Palace (マイパレス, Mai Paresu)? in Japanese, is a location and mechanic in Persona 5 Royal. It is the Palace of the protagonist and acts as the game's gallery room.



Persona 5 RoyalEdit

Thieves Den can be used as a hub for the protagonist, being the place where his memories manifest. They can change their appearance to another character while exploring.

Palace MakerEdit

Thieves Den can be decorated with various items related to the protagonist's daily life. This includes statues of Palace rulers, cognitive beings, and Personas. In addition, as Thieves Den is being decorated with items, friends who the protagonist has deepened ties with may appear as cognitive entities. As well as conversations related to items, it is also possible to listen to conversations between characters who have little contact in the story.


Achievements will be transformed into awards and will be displayed on the walls of Thieves Den. They are sorted in 4 categories: School, Confidant, Battle and Other. Unlocking awards will give the protagonist P Medals.


Similarly to Persona 4 Golden's TV Listing feature, Thieves Den includes a gallery feature. Seperate media needs to be bought with P Medals:

  • Gallery:
    • Archives: The protagonist can view various images and sprites from the game.
    • Concept Art: The protagonist can view concept art from the game
    • Special: TBA
  • Movie:
    • Archives: The protagonist can view cinematic and animated cutscenes.
    • PV: A collection of previous PV trailers that advertised Persona 5 and Royal. These videos might come from atlustube: Atlus' Japanese YouTube channel;
    • Special: A collection of past live concerts.
  • Music: A collection of music from both the original Persona 5 and new Royal soundtracks. It's sorted in 4 categories: Story, Daily, Battle and Dungeon.


The protagonist can play the card game Daifugō (大富豪*)? with all the members of the Phantom Thieves.


Persona 5 Royal
P5R MyPalace JokerAsCatMorgana
The protagonist exploring Thieves Den in Morgana's Cat form.
P5R MyPalace ConfidantCommentary
The protagonist's confidants talking with one-another in Thieves Den
P5R PalaceMaker1
The protagonist at the Palace Maker
P5R PalaceMaker2
The protagonist at the Palace Maker
P5R CardGame
The protagonist playing Daifugō with his friends
P5R Trophies
A gallery of awards
Archive (Battle Cut-ins)
P5 Hero Cut-in
Cut-In: Protagonist (3P)
All-Out Attack: Protagonist (3P)
Morgana cut-in
Cut-In: Morgana (3P)
Morgana All Out
All-Out Attack: Morgana (3P)
Ryuji cut-in
Cut-In: Ryuji (3P)
Ryuji All Out
All-Out Attack: Ryuji (3P)
Anne cut-in
Cut-In: Ann (3P)
Ann All Out
All-Out Attack: Ann (3P)
Yusuke cut-in
Cut-In: Yusuke (3P)
Yusuke All Out
All-Out Attack: Yusuke (3P)
Cut-In: Makoto (3P)
Makoto All Out
All-Out Attack: Makoto (3P)
Haru cut-in
Cut-In: Haru (3P)
Haru All Out
All-Out Attack: Haru (3P)
P5 Goro cut-in
Cut-In: Akechi (3P)
Akechi All Out
All-Out Attack: Akechi (3P)

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