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The protagonist in the Thieves Den, Persona 5 Royal.

The Thieves Den, also known as My Palace (マイパレス, Mai Paresu)? in Japanese, is a location and mechanic in Persona 5 Royal. It presented as the protagonist's Palace and acts as the game's gallery room.



Persona 5 Royal

The Thieves Den can be used as a hub for the protagonist, being the place where his memories manifest. He can transform himself into other members of the Phantom Thieves while exploring. Jose also appears at the front entrance, acting as the guide. In order to unlock the Thieves Den, at least one playthrough of Persona 5 Royal must go past the 5th of May, the date where the Phantom Thieves were formed in their Wilton Hotel buffet celebration.

All data in the Thieves Den is universally shared among all Persona 5 Royal save files, so the player does not need multiple playthroughs to unlock all available features and achievements.

Palace Maker

The Thieves Den can be decorated with various items related to the protagonist's daily life. This includes statues of Palace rulers, cognitive beings, and Personas. In addition, as the Thieves Den is being decorated with items, friends who the protagonist has deepened ties with may appear as cognitive entities. As well as conversations related to items, it is also possible to listen to conversations between characters who otherwise have little contact in the story.

Available décor


Achievements will be transformed into awards and will be displayed on the walls of the Thieves Den. They are sorted in 4 categories: School, Confidant, Battle and Other. Unlocking awards will give the protagonist P Medals. The total number of P Medals that can be obtained from awards alone is 2420.

If all the awards are unlocked, Jose will send an Invisible Veil and Letter of Royalty to the protagonist's room in Leblanc. The Veil, once equipped, prevents Shadows from detecting the protagonist in the Metaverse. The Letter allows the protagonist to summon all of his acquired Personas for free.

School Life
Award Details Reward
Supersize My Stomach Clear the highest rank of the Big Bang Challenge. 30P
Golden Fingers Complete all 7 retro video games. 70P
Word Wizard Solve 15 Crossword Puzzles. 35P
Home Run King Hit 30 home runs in the Batting Cages. 60P
Honorary Bather of Yongen Used the "Fuji no Yu" Bathhouse in Yongen-Jaya 15 times. 35P
Secondhand Salesman Earn 1000 points selling armor to the Kichijoji clothes store. 35P
Working Student Work in part-time jobs 15 times. 35P
The Second Boss of Leblanc Create the best coffee and curry Leblanc has to offer.[1] 35P
Legend of the Dragon Fist Max out your training in the Shibuya gym.[2] 35P
World-Class Launderer Wash 10 different types of sooty gear in the laundromat of Yongen-Jaya.[3] 35P
A Master Loves His Maids Visit the Akihabara maid cafe 4 times. 35P
Angler Earn 100,000 points Fishing at the Ichigaya Fish Pond. 50P
Bookworm Finish reading 40 different types of books.[4] 50P
ARCADE Addict Win the Crane Game in Akihabara 5 times. 50P
Award Details P Reward
Phantom Thief Grand Union Max out all 23 Confidants.[5] 50P
Ladies' Man See the Rank 10 event for all 10 romanceable confidants on the romance route.[6][6a] 60P
We Stand as Equals Start a platonic relationship with each of the 10 romanceable Confidants, then reach Rank 10 with the Platonic relationship.[6] 60P
Benefactor Give a total of 10 gifts to any Confidant. 50P
Devotion to the Arts Have Yusuke duplicate 10 skill cards.[7] 35P
Spirited Dartsman Play Darts at Kichijoji 10 times. 35P
Pool Shark Pup Play Billiards at Kichijoji 5 times.[8] 35P
Jazz Cat Visit Jazz Jin 7 times.[9] 35P
Sick With Spending Spend 500,000 yen or more in the Takemi Medical Clinic. 35P
Military Millionaire Spend 1,000,000 yen or more in Untouchable Airsofts. 35P
Custom Gunman Customize 20 guns with different names in Untouchable.[10] 35P
Catcher in the Roof Garden Harvest Vegetables 5 times in the school rooftop.[11] 35P
Award Details P Reward
Exemplary Teamwork Perform 50 All-Out Attacks. 35P
Negotiator Obtain 30 personas through Negotiation. 35P
Lethal Gunman Perform 30 Down Shots.[12] 50P
The Shadow Diplomat Negotiate 100 times. 35P
Crack Shot Defeat 100 enemies with bullets.[13] 50P
The Phantom Bombers Defeat 100 enemies by using Disaster Shadow explosions.[14] 50P
Master Technician Triggered a Technical hit 100 times. 50P
Ultimate Attack Deal over 9999 damage in battle without using an All-Out Attack. 50P
Lucky Star Encounter 30 Treasure Demons. 30P
The True Reaper Defeat The Reaper 5 times.[15] 70P
Senpai in Life Defeat ??? (Jose)[16] 50P
Future Rehabilitation Defeat ??? (Caroline & Justine)[17] 60P
True Rehabilitation Defeat ??? (Lavenza).[18] 70P
Award Details P Reward
Mission Complete Clear all Mementos Requests.[19] 70P
Mask Collector Complete the Persona Compendium.[20] 70P
A Sublime Mask Raise one of the protagonist's Personas to level 99.[21] 50P
All Powerful Raised all stats of one of the protagonist's Personas to Level 99. 50P
Professional Killer Ambush enemies with the Grappling Hook 30 times.[22] 35P
In Shadows Unseen Ambush enemies 50 times. 30P
The Bold Executioner Fuse 20 Personas in a Fusion alarm. 50P
Electric Chair Fanatic Obtain 10 items with different names from the Electric Chair. 30P
Flowers for a Certain Boy Collect 1000 flowers in Mementos. 35P
Stamp by Me Obtain 150 Mementos Stamps. 60P
Lockpicking Expert Open 40 locked chests. 50P
A Thief at Heart Obtain 150 items from searchable objects in Palaces.[23] 30P
Disappearing Act Use a Smokescreen or Hypno Mist to escape from Shadows right after being spotted by them. 35P
  • [1] Master Curry and Master Coffee should be prepared. Both can be made after Sojiro Sakura's Confidant is maxed.
  • [2] 16 visits are required.
  • [3] The Sooty Gear washed cannot be of the same name.
  • [4] 40 books with different names.
    • It should be noted that these are 4/5 of the total amount of books in-game.
  • [5] Even though they're not visible initially, Sumire's last 5 ranks need to be maxed out as well.
  • [6] The 10 romance options are Ann, Takemi, Kawakami, Makoto, Hifumi, Chihaya, Ohya, Futaba, Haru and Sumire.
    • Reloading saves is recommended, as the achievements are recorded universally through multiple saves.
  • [6a] Having a save file set aside to explore the alternative paths, romantic and platonic alike, is recommended to accelerate progress.
  • [7] Yusuke's services are available during any time where his Confidant might be active and in Palace Safe Rooms.
  • [8] The Billiards activity can only be unlocked through Rank 2 of Goro Akechi's Confidant.
  • [9] The Jazz club facility can only be unlocked through Rank 4 of Goro Akechi's Confidant.
  • [10] Guns can only be customized when Munehisa Iwai's Confidant is Rank 1, which requires Rank 4 Guts.
  • [11] The protagonist may only harvest vegetables when he reaches rank 1 of Haru's Confidant.
  • [12] Prior to Rank 6 of Shinya Oda's Confidant, the protagonist may only perform 1 Down Shot per entry in the Metaverse. He will be able to perform up to 3 Down shots afterwards. If impatient, one can simply savescum this achievement by reloading a save while in Mementos after establishing the Tower Confidant.
  • [13] Ranged weapons that party members naturally equip are required for this achievement.
  • [14] Disaster Shadows must explode and severely damage all allies upon defeat.
  • [15] The Reaper will appear if the party stays idle in a randomly-generated floor in Mementos for two minutes.
  • [16] Collect all 123 stamps from Mementos and return to the Cognition Control Room in the Path of Da'at (true farthest end of Mementos). Jose will then be fought there.
  • [17] Caroline and Justine are available for battle in Mementos during New Game Plus prior to December 24.
  • [18] Lavenza will be available for battle in Mementos during New Game Plus after the route to the final Palace's Treasure has been secured.
  • [19] This includes the four requests available during the Third Term extra scenario.
  • [20]:
    • DLC Personas do not count towards the Compendium.
    • All Confidants must be maxed to unlock extra Personas.
    • The Third Semester events must be unlocked for fusion or recruitment of its unique Personas.
    • All Treasure Demons must be found and recruited.
    • The Mementos Requests "One Who Bullies Bullies" and "The Lovesick Cyberstalking Girl" must be cleared to unlock Black Frost and Bugs. (Bugs appears in the lower areas of the final Palace but cannot be negotiated with.)
    • Satanael is required to complete the Compendium. As a result, this achievement cannot be obtained until New Game Plus.
  • [21] Persona XP growth is significantly slower than the protagonist's XP growth, so repeated usage of the Gallows is strongly recommended, especially when a Fusion alarm is active.
  • [22] The protagonist can only ambush enemies with the Grappling Hook after the Faith Confidant with Sumire reaches Rank 4.
  • [23] Searchable objects refers to breakable containers. Identify them using the Third Eye.


Similar to Persona 4 Golden's TV Listing feature, the Thieves Den includes a gallery feature. Individual media needs to be bought with P Medals:

  • Gallery:
    • Archives: The protagonist can view various images and sprites from the game.
    • Concept Art: The protagonist can view concept art from the game.
    • Special: The protagonist can view various promotional art related to the game.
  • Movie:
    • Archives: The protagonist can view cinematic and animated cutscenes.
    • PV: A collection of previous PV trailers that advertised Persona 5 and Royal. These videos might come from atlustube: Atlus' Japanese YouTube channel; as well as opening and ending movies from the anime. These videos are in Japanese without subtitles.
    • Special: A collection of past live concerts. These videos are in Japanese without subtitles.
  • Music: A collection of music from both the original Persona 5 and new Royal soundtracks. It's sorted in 4 categories: Story, Daily, Battle and Dungeon.

The player needs to personally encounter any in-game cinematic and animated cutscene to unlock them for purchase, including the base ending of Persona 5 (triggered when the Councillor Confidant is not maxed prior to November 18) and the artwork displayed on the credits of the bad ending available on January 9 and February 12. It is advised to reload saves to fully unlock the Thieves Den instead of starting multiple playthroughs.


The protagonist can play the card game Daifugō (大富豪*)?, known as Tycoon in the Western release, with all the members of the Phantom Thieves.

Rank Difficulty
Easy Medium Hard
1st 5 10 15
2nd 4 8 13
3rd 3 5 10
4th 1 3 5


Persona 5 Royal
Archive (Battle Cut-ins)

Archive (Photos)
Archive (Endings)
Archive (Concept Art)
Archive (Other)


Unknown Graffiti seen on the topmost floor of the Thieves Den.

  • Sumire Yoshizawa will always be referred to by her real name because completing the true ending of the game, where she accepts herself, is required to unlock her presence in the Den.
  • If Sumire’s social link goes unfinished by the end of the game her hair will be down and she’ll be wearing glasses, while if you do complete her social link her hair will be tied up forever regardless of save file.
  • Futaba or Haru will not be chosen in the same table as Akechi during a game of Tycoon.
  • Morgana can assume his human form in the Thieves Den.
  • On the topmost floor of the Thieves Den, there is mysterious graffiti of six stars on one of the walls. It's heavily implied to be drawn by Jose. Its purpose is unknown.
  • The hole Jose creates by smashing through the wall with his car is never fixed throughout the entire course of the game, and remains shoddily covered up by wooden planks indefinitely.
  • It costs 2,135 P Medals to buy everything in the Thieves Den.

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