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"Theurgy means "spiritual magic that could reach the gods" in Greek. To put it simply, it synchronizes with the user's emotions, and when the right conditions are met, allows them to unleash an attack of immense power."
Ikutsuki, about Theurgy

Theurgy (テウルギア, Theurgia)? is a battle mechanic introduced in Persona 3 Reload.



Unlocked once the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad receives the new gear on June 13, Theurgy is a powerful skill exclusive to each party member, which is activated by loading a special cartridge into the bottom of their Evoker grip and summoning their Personas.

Gameplay-wise, Theurgy skills can only be initiated by filling the respective combatant's "Theurgy Gauge". The gauge can be filled by performing actions such as melee attacks and Persona skills. Depending on the party member, certain actions will increase their gauge faster.[1] In addition, ambushing, unlocked via the Security Site Note when used on the computer, also increases the protagonist's Theurgy Gauge slightly.

The gauge carries over after a battle is finished but resets daily. Each party member begins a new exploration with a random amount in their gauge. The gauge is cut in half if the combatant faints and is then revived. While under the effect of an ailment, the gauge does not increase, and Theurgy skills cannot be used.

Theurgy skills cannot miss.[2] Offensive attacks ignore elemental resistances and physical/magic walls. Criticals and weakness exploits grant One More.

The protagonist and Aigis (Episode Aigis only), as Wild Card wielders, have access to multiple Theurgy skills by summoning certain Persona duos that have been registered in his Compendium: the mechanic acts as a substitute for fusion spells by lifting from its skill pool.

In his final battle against SEES on January 31, Takaya Sakaki uses an Evoker he obtained earlier to deploy his own Theurgy.

After evolving their Persona, each party member gains a second Theurgy skill. Uniquely, Koromaru possesses 2 skills right when he joins the team. Fuuka, as a navigator, instead has her current Theurgy replaced by an upgraded version when she gains Juno. On the other hand, Shinjiro Aragaki, for plot reasons, can only have one Theurgy.

List of Theurgy Skills & Gauge Conditions[]

Combatant Skill Gauge Condition
Name Effect Persona
Protagonist / Aigis Cadenza Restores 50% HP and increases Accuracy/Evasion for all allies. Orpheus + Apsaras After summoning a Persona, power within gradually enhances.
Jack Brothers Deals medium Almighty damage to all foes. High chance of inflicting Down. Jack Frost + Jack-o'-Lantern
King and I Heavy Ice damage to all foes, ignoring resistances. Medium chance of Freeze. Black Frost + King Frost
Best Friends Next physical/magic attack will deal more than double damage for 1 ally. Forneus + Decarabia
Scarlet Havoc Severe Slash damage to all foes, ignoring resistances. Siegfried + Mithras
Trickster Massive Almighty damage to all foes. High chance of inflicting an ailment. Susano-o + Loki
Armageddon Ultimate Almighty damage to all foes, but reduces user's HP and SP to 1. Helel + Satan
Yukari Takeba Cyclone Arrow Severe Wind damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances.[3] Io / Isis After healing someone's wounds, she becomes motivated by her desire not to let anyone die.[3]
Tranquility Next magic attack deals more than double the damage for all allies. Isis
Junpei Iori Hack n' Blast Severe Slash damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. Hermes / Trismegistus After landing a critical hit, he becomes motivated by his own potential.[4][5]
Blaze of Life Massive Fire damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. Fully restores user's HP. Trismegistus
Mitsuru Kirijo Blizzard Edge Severe Ice damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. Penthesilea / Artemisia After weakening enemies or inflicting an ailment, her will burns brighter.
Blade of Execution Massive Almighty damage to 1 foe and decreases all of their stats. Artemisia
Akihiko Sanada Lightning Spike Heavy Electric damage to all foes, ignoring resistances. Polydeuces / Caesar After strengthening himself, his fighting spirit rises.
Electric Onslaught Severe Elec damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. High chance of Shock. Caesar
Fuuka Yamagishi Oracle Grants 1 random positive effect to all allies. Lucia After analyzing an enemy, her yearning for her friends' trust grows.
Revelation Grants 1 random positive enhanced effect to all allies Juno
Aigis Orgia Mode Heavy Pierce dmg to all foes, ignoring resistances. Ignores orders for a time. Palladion / Athena After using physical skills, her drive to complete her mission intensifies.
Maximum Firepower Severe Pierce damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. Athena
Koromaru Hound of Hades Severe Dark damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. Cerberus After exploiting an enemy's weakness, his will to fight grows.
Power Howling Next physical attack deals more than double the damage for all allies.
Ken Amada Divine Retribution Severe Light damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. Nemesis / Kala-Nemi Once his SP is less than half, his competitiveness is incited.
Divine Intervention Revives party, fully restores allies' HP, and will reflect 1 attack. Kala-Nemi
Shinjiro Aragaki Bleeding Fury Severe Strike damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances. Castor Once his HP is less than half, his determination ignites.
Takaya Sakaki Paradise of Quietus Heavy Almighty Damage to all foes. Chance of inflicting Fear. Reduces the SP of all foes to 1. Hypnos N/A
Metis TBA TBA Psyche TBA

Trophies & Awards[]

Trophy Icon Description For Reward
The Strength of Our Hearts P3R Trophy 23 Performed all teammates' Theurgy. P3R trophy Silver Trophy



Theurgy, or "Theurgia," is one of the two major branches of the magical arts alongside thaumaturgy, referring to the ritual practices associated with invocation and evocation of the presence of one or more deities or godforms. One prominent goal of theurgy is to achieve henosis, meaning to unite with the divine, as well as to perfect oneself.

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