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The Patriots are a group of characters from Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse.



Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse

A trio of elderly men seeking to stop a repeat of history from happening. The first wears a suit and has a cane, the second is very tall and wears a lab coat, and the third is the shortest and wears a labcoat as well. They were the scientists who created the National Defense Divinities and the Yamato Perpetual Reactor, choosing to ignore the ethical crimes and madness of Minister Tamagami until it was too late. The three died 25 years ago during God's Plan, but remained as corporeal spirits but unable to influence the world. Seeking to atone for their unforgivable crimes, the three worked with Hiroshi for years to try to prevent history from repeating as Tamagami did not pass on.

They first appear in the Challenge Quest Defeat The Ghosts, where they ask for help in defeating the Hordes of spirits from Yomi. They called for the veteran Hunter Hiroshi's aid, but he leaves after getting into an argument with the men. The first apologizes to Nanashi, hoping they'd all be able to work for a common cause, but their bad history with him lead Hiroshi to refuse. They show up after Nanashi defeats Tamagami, revealing their past and wishing to deal with Tamagami's remnant, apologizing for the pain they caused Hiroshi. They leave after destroying the jar containing Tamagami's disembodied brain.

In the last quest Where the Corpse Went they reveal Tamagami's final contingency plan: to use spirits across Tokyo to summon Izanami through a portal to Yomi with the increase of supernatural forces. The three use the portal made by Tamagami to send Nanashi and Hiroshi to deal with Izanami. After her defeat the three are happy the future is no longer threatened by the past, giving Nanashi a Balm of Rising and asking him to use it on them. As he does so, they dissolve into smoke and vanish into the afterlife.

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