Tharja (Sallya in the Japanese version) is a character from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE .



Tharja is a recruitable character that appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening. She is a Dark Mage from the nation of Plegia, and is first encountered during Chapter 9, when Chrom leads his forces against Plegia in a bid to rescue his sister Emmeryn. Tharja, however, questions her reasons to fight for Plegia and joins Chrom's side after meeting him on the battlefield. She remains among his forces for the remainder of the game. Should she marry, she will give birth to a daughter named Noire. As a potential wife of the player-character Avatar, she can also be the mother of a second child named Morgan.

A peculiar quirk of Tharja's is that she has a stalker's crush on the Avatar, which she will express regardless of the Avatar's gender. She's also well-versed in numerous hexes, and does not hesitate to inflict them on others, including Noire and her husband.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

A "Dark Mage" Mirage, and Kiria's partner. She transforms into a magic staff to aid Kiria in battle. She also uses her magic to aid Kiria in her daily life.


  • Another dark mage in Fire Emblem: Fates named Rhajat (Syalla in the Japanese version) resembles her strongly in appearance and personality. Both her English and Japanese names are also anagrams of Tharja's, and furthermore, It is implied in Support conversations that Rhajat is a previous incarnation of Tharja (Fates is set before Awakening.)
  • Her Japanese VA in SMT x FE, Kana Akatsu, also voiced her in Awakening and voiced Rhajat in Fates. Her English VA in Awakening is Stephanie Sheh.
  • In the Japanese version of Awakening, she is said to have the best figure in the army, while in the English version, she is said to have the darkest thoughts in the army.
  • Her birthday is April 2nd.
  • In Awakening, she reveals in Support conversations with Nowi (a Manakete) that she can not only read fortunes using Manakete scales but also divine the location of anyone or anything.

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