Tetsuma Tsuge is a character in Persona x Detective Naoto.



He's an easy-going, casual sort of person with a lively personality. He speaks fairly informally and tends to be a bit oblivious, not realizing Naoto Shirogane isn't a boy until Touko Aoi leaves a copy of the photoshoot Naoto had done with Rise Kujikawa laying about in her office. He has a reputation as a somewhat perverted old man thanks to his ongoing romantic interest in Touko, but is kept in check by her stern personality.


Persona x Detective NaotoEdit

The head of the science division of the Yagakoro Police Department. A former scientist for the Kirijo Group, he was involved with the Shadow experiments in 1999. He was transferred together with Sousei Kurogami. He does not possess a Persona, but due to his background, has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of them and Shadows.


PxD Manga - Tetsuma
Tetsuma Tsuge as he appears in the manga adaptation
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