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"Doesn't matter how far apart we are. The bonds we've made will remain strong. Everyone's hearts is connected to the people they know and trust. It's those bonds that let us all search for our purpose in life. As long it's a purpose that you believe in, there will always be someone who could help you fulfill it. You, me, and everyone else, there are no barriers. Our hearts are one. Right, Sensei?"
—Teddie, Persona 4

Teddie, known as Kuma in the Japanese version, is a playable character in Persona 4.



Teddie's appearance is based off a stuffed animal. He is an anthropomorphic bear with blue fur. He wears red and white jumpsuit-like clothing. Additionally, the head part of his suit has lenses which allow him to see through the fog in the Midnight Channel. Size-wise, Teddie is the shortest male party member.

Teddie as a human.

After developing an ego, Teddie becomes a teenage boy with blond hair pulled to his left side, bright blue eyes and fair skin. He is shown wearing a white blouse-like shirt with various adornments like a red rose and a flamboyantly designed collar.

Teddie cross-dressing as Alice.

At the school festival when cross-dressing, Teddie has long blond hair with a blue ribbon, wears a blue dress and white stockings as well as black shoes. His cross-dressing alias is very similar to the appearance of Alice from the 1951 Disney adaptation of Alice in Wonderland (see also: Alice). Extra information reveals that Kanji was the one who made this Alice dress.[3]

In the True Ending epilogue of Persona 4 Golden, Teddie appears to have grown taller and has a new outfit: a blue and white striped T-shirt with an anchor design, navy shorts and yellow shoes.

In Persona 4: Dancing All Night, he retains his bear suit, but it now features a disco motif. He's sometimes seen wearing black sunglasses during the Story Mode. When he's in his human form, he wears a similar casual wear, but with minor differences. He now dons a golden cape with white star patterns and crown, and cuffed boots with star patterns.


"If I'm an unknown being, then the way I can change is unknown, too... So all I have to do... is make them not-unknown. Nana-chan's doing her best... Sensei and the others are probably fighting now too... I... I'm just a Shadow, but Nana-chan cheered up when she heard my voice... So what if I'm just a Shadow...!? There must be something I can do! I can't just give up thinking about things... That's why I came back here. Right, Nana-chan...?"
—Teddie before awakening his ultimate Persona

A sad Teddie deli-bear-ating his identity and existence.

Teddie is usually bubbly and cute and is known to lighten the mood when investigating the case, much like Chie. Possibly due to being a Shadow unfamiliar with the human world, or perhaps due to being a cartoon bear, Teddie has a lot of childish naivety, innocence and is pure of heart. He doesn't know a lot of human customs, does not know what "scoring a hot stud" means or what a "manwhore" is.[4] This results in him having a lack of social boundaries, such as when he flirts with Chie and Yukiko, although he fails every time. He's also given a lot of people nicknames for himself to remember. In the beginning of Persona 4 The Animation, he acts much like a coward when Shadows are near, but changes his ways as the story progresses.

He idolizes and respects the protagonist, to the point of calling him "Sensei." In the Japanese version, he has a verbal tic, adding "-kuma" after every sentence, while in the English version his speech is filled with dozens of bear puns, like saying "Bear-sona" while summoning his Persona.


Persona 4 - Shadow Teddie Battle Quotes

Shadow Teddie's existential dread and despair.

Despite his cheery attitude, Teddie sometimes expresses bouts of sadness and confusion. His biggest insecurity is his own identity and potentially having no reason for existence. Throughout the story, similar to Rise Kujikawa, Teddie struggles to find out his own self and his place in both the TV world and the real world, as he has lost his own memories. As the story progresses, Teddie begins to develop a fear that he perhaps has no "true self" and that he has no memories to recover, but continues to search for them regardless. This results in the creation of Shadow Teddie.

He seems to care a lot about Nanako Dojima and calls her "Nana-Chan," even when she's in a near-death state after being kidnapped by Taro Namatame. After Nanako's "death," realizing that he couldn't keep his promise to play with her, and with his memories returned, Teddie grieves over the fact that he was an ordinary Shadow who grew human emotions and wanted to be accepted by others. By the end of the game, following Nanako's recovery, Teddie comes to accept his true self and realizes that if he is an unknown being, then the way he could change was unknown as well, and vows to protect the TV world while living with the Investigation Team in the real world.

As shown in Golden, Teddie shows sympathy towards Marie after learning her true identity, since they both have a similar problem.


Persona 4[]

Teddie serves as the guide for the Investigation Team in the Midnight Channel. At first, he acts as support for battles, but after the party completes the Marukyu Striptease dungeon, he joins in combat, while Rise takes over the support role. Whenever a new team member joins, Teddie is inexplicably able to create glasses so that they can see through the fog in the Midnight Channel.

Teddie in the Midnight Channel.

Teddie was first seen in the Midnight Channel at the time when the protagonist, Yosuke Hanamura and Chie Satonaka search for an exit, after leaving the Desolate Bedroom. Teddie, confused and irritated by their presence, asks them to leave because it's dangerous there and shows them the exit. After Saki Konishi's death, the protagonist and Yosuke enter the TV again in order to investigate. There, they meet Teddie once again, but he gets suspicious and thinks that they are the ones who've been throwing people in. After they try to prove their innocence, Teddie asks them to find the real culprit and makes them promise to do so in order to let them out. When the protagonist first awakens to his Persona, amazed by his power, Teddie immediately calls him "Sensei." He assumes the support role for the team until Rise joins the party.

Shadow Teddie, an existentialist nihilist.

After Teddie defeats Rise's shadow, his own Shadow appears as a larger form of his bear costume, coming out of a hole in the ground. Unlike most of the other Shadow selves, Teddie's Shadow is highly intelligent, speaks in a deep and intimidating voice and does not wait for Teddie to deny him before attacking the party, mocking the Investigation Team's goals of seeking the truth as a waste of effort. However, this may be due to the intervention of another party, as Rise stated she felt the intervention of a powerful presence, most likely Izanami or Ameno-sagiri. It represents Teddie's hiding the truth about his identity, that is, the fact that he is a lost, lonely Shadow. He learned to speak human language and became friendly with humans, taking his bear-like form so that people would like him upon meeting him. Teddie eventually grows a human body so that he can be with other humans. After gaining a personality and losing his Shadow mask, he receives his own Persona. When the team was about to leave after the successful rescue of Rise and the defeat of his shadow, Teddie decides that he wants to be alone for a while and train in order for his fur to grow back and to be stronger.


HD PS Vita Persona 4 Golden - New Teddie

Teddie grows a body.

Right after the death of Kinshiro Morooka, the team asks Teddie, who has come to their side, if someone was thrown in the TV while he was in, but Teddie answers negatively. The ultimate surprise comes when Teddie complains about the heat and tries to remove his bear suit, much to Yosuke's disapproval, because he thought that Teddie was going to be empty inside, but he was not: Teddie had grown a human body while training. Teddie then becomes a front-line ally, giving the support work to Rise. His Persona is Kintoki-Douji of the Star Arcana.

Teddie having another unbearable existential crisis.

When Nanako "dies," Teddie is so devastated and consumed by his own powerlessness of being unable to keep his promise to Nanako, that he feels he lost his reason to live in Inaba. Teddie then disappears and becomes immersed in a world of fog in his bear form, because Shadows are not allowed in the real world, and his human identity, which allows him to leave the Midnight Channel, has faded.

In the game's bad endings where the protagonist is unable to continue solving the mystery, the protagonist finds a farewell letter from Teddie who mentions that he has returned to the Midnight Channel but expresses his gratitude for the time he has spent in the human world with the Investigation Team.

"The purpose of this room is to nurture egos. Shadows, mere fragments of the Ego, have no place here. Very interesting."
Igor, on Teddie's appearance in the Velvet Room.

If the protagonist is able to continue solving the mystery, then on December 5th, Teddie appears in the Velvet Room with the usual occupants nowhere to be seen. He explains the origins of his existence to the protagonist, and is saddened to realize that he is merely a Shadow who took the form of a cartoon bear so that humans would like him. Teddie asks the protagonist to apologize to Nanako in Heaven. However, when the protagonist reveals to Teddie that Nanako never died, Teddie regains his strength. After Teddie leaves the velvet room, Igor, Margaret, and Marie (in Golden) appear, with Igor mentioning how Teddie's appearance is "very interesting," because Shadows should not be in the Velvet Room, with him having "a meaningful smile on his face."

The next day, Teddie returns to the Investigation Team with newfound vigor. After the events of the game, Teddie lives with Yousuke.

Social Link[]

"No matter how hard I think, there's too many things my little brain can't understand... But, I do understand one thing now... I'm glad that I met you, Sensei."
—Teddie to the protagonist, Persona 4
Main article: Social Link/Teddie

A Social Link is automatically established with Teddie through the course of the story. Like the Fool and Judgement S.Links, this Social Link levels up periodically. Once the Social Link automatically maxes out, the protagonist can create Helel, the Light Bearer. Even if the protagonist never maxes out any other of his Social Links, the protagonist will always hear at least Teddie's voice in the True Ending.

Persona 4 Golden[]

"I've made my decision to stop relying on you so much, Sensei. I will now enter the Independent Teddie Chapter of my life... so that this time, I can be your Sensei!"
—Teddie before awakening his 3rd Tier Persona

During the time when the protagonist is alone in Dojima's house, Teddie offers to stay as company and to look after the house. He will join the protagonist when he searches for bugs at the vegetable patch in winter. In one event, the protagonist has the chance to kiss Teddie but he will break away and tell him that his "bearamones are too powerful." He will also ask the protagonist to teach him how to "glomp" after learning from Yosuke's books, the protagonist can choose to show or tell him how, only to have Dojima walking in on their act.

In the Midnight Channel, Teddie has several costumes that make him appear human in the TV world as well as several outfits that feature him cross dressing.

The addition of bikes for the Investigation Team introduced a unique new way of obtaining skills for party members. By going on special forms of dates with each party member, involving the use of the bikes, the player is given the option of either having the party member in question learn a brand-new skill or relearn any old skill that they have forgotten. The bike skills available to Teddie are listed below.

Additionally, like with Rise Kujikawa in Persona 4, each party member is able to learn new skills upon the player's progression of their Social Link. The Social Link skills that Teddie learns upon the development of his Social Link are also listed below.

Teddie hosting Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz.

Teddie also acts as the host of the minigame Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz.

Persona 4 The Animation[]

Teddie first appeared when Yu, Yosuke and Chie first appeared in the TV world. He followed the three of them to the mysterious room with the noose. Teddie then gave Yu Narukami the glasses and fled when he sensed the shadows. He is later found by Yu, Yosuke and Chie and tells them how to leave. When Yu and Yosuke returned to investigate what had happened to Saki Konishi, they ran into Teddie again, who led them to where Saki was. When Yosuke's Shadow appeared, Teddie stated that those were Yosuke's inner feelings to which Yosuke denied resulting in the following battle. After the battle, Teddie tells them that Saki and Mayumi Yamano were likely killed by their Shadows. Yu and Yosuke then promised Teddie that they would solve the case.

When Kanji Tatsumi was trapped in the Midnight Channel, instead of gathering information, they gave Teddie the bunny keychain that Kanji made by hand. Using it, he was able to sense his location and lead the team to the bath house. At the entrance, he is confused as to why the team, especially the male members, are reluctant to enter. When they find Kanji and confront his Shadow, he tries to help, but ends up slipping and falling on his face.

Teddie confronting his shadow self

At Marukyu Striptease, he gives Kanji the pair of joke glasses that he'd made as a prank, enraging Kanji. After Kanji throws the unbearably goofy-looking glasses away, Teddie gives him the real pair of glasses. At the end of Rise's dungeon, Rise's Shadow manages to overpower the team and prepares to finish them off when Teddie attacks, managing to weaken her with a burst of power that ends up deflating him.

Upon getting back to normal state, he comes to the human world through the TV in Junes and upon being asked who he was, he said "Duh, Teddie." The employees thought he said Doug Teddie. After showing his human form and asking for clothes, Chie and Yukiko drag him into the store to get some, forgetting his bear head, which scares a little kid and Yu had to go get it back.

During summer holiday in order to stop a fight among the kids he was looking after, Yu borrowed Teddie's suit (possibly without permission) and when Nanako saw Yu with a woman, she had Teddie, Yosuke and Kanji help stalk him, before realizing he was with another woman, shocking them before they become more shocked when they see a kid come up to them.

After fighting with their Persona fails on Ameno-sagiri, as Teddie saw Yu in trouble, his Persona evolves into Kamui and lends his power to Yu to summon the ultimate Persona.

Teddie and Yu's bond is represented by the Persona Saturnus.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth[]

Teddie and company end up in an alternate universe of Yasogami High School during the culture festival. While there, they meet Rei and Zen, who are also trapped. During their first venture into the labyrinth, You in Wonderland, they encounter the unexpected team, SEES, who were also somehow sent to the other world.

Together, they venture through the labyrinths trying to solve the mystery behind their encounter and find the source of the strange world. Teddie often finds himself compared to Koromaru for their statuses as team mascots, and self-proclaims him as his rival.

In the P4 story of the game, Teddie would participate and organize a question game during their venture into the Group Date Cafe.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth[]

During a regular visit into the Midnight Channel, their course is unexpectedly altered and they were sent directly into the movie world of Junessic Land, where Rise winds up poisoned and Yosuke separated from them. They encounter the Phantom Thieves and learn of what is happening. To better their chances of escaping the new world, they agree to combine forces, with the P5 hero as their leader.

Teddie learns two unison attacks during special quests, which he can perform with Rise, Aigis and Haru; and Koromaru and Morgana. Teddie often competes with Koromaru and Morgana to be the best mascot, but in the end comes to the conclusion that they are all special.

Persona 4 Arena[]

Teddie's win pose, dressed as Alice.

Teddie returns in the sequel and hosts the P-1 Grand Prix. The rest of the Investigation Team enters the TV world in order to find the truth behind Teddie's doing. It is eventually revealed that the "Teddie" behind the tournament isn't Teddie at all, but Shadow Labrys masquerading as him.

In his story mode, after Yu left Inaba in Persona 4, Teddie kept busy by working at Junes. One day, he can't find Yosuke, so he dives inside the TV world to go look for him. Teddie lands inside a strange classroom with cleaning equipment nearby and uses the items to pull off a MacGyver-worthy escape. He meets Labrys and is awestruck by her beauty and offers to become her "knight." He then runs into a "suspicious dude with a red cloak" and a "celebrity beauty". His story mode is unique from the other characters (not counting Elizabeth and Labrys), because he has Kanji as his final boss rather than the Malevolent Entity or a possessed Labrys. Kanji arrives after the Malevolent Entity escapes, still thinking that everything is a dream. He then tries to challenge someone so he can win the tournament. Teddie then accepts his challenge, after cheers from the female characters.

Additionally, in some of his win poses involve him shedding his "skin" to reveal human Teddie, clothed, naked, or cross-dressing.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax[]

As the final P-1 tournament called P-1 Climax occurring in a Dark Hour Inaba, Teddie is once again being impersonated. This time, it is a same Malevolent Entity who masterminded the previous tournament, and reveal himself to be a Shadow named Hinokagutsuchi. Teddie also encounter and fights his impostor temporarily.

Play Style[]

Teddie is best described as a trickster character with a wide variety of tools including, but not limited to: a teleport, ailment-causing specials and a wide array of throwing items that dynamically change the flow of battle. Unlike previous Arc Systems characters in the same style, his items come out in a preset order. He is also the only character that can inflict rage (via an item and his Furious Action) which allows him to create very devastating setups but also suffer increased damage from the opponent for a small amount of time if he gets caught. His Furious Action especially helps him reset the momentum (and arguably sets it to his advantage due to Rage) as even if the opponent is not hit by the move itself, the counter effect always puts Teddie at a certain distance behind the opponent making a counterattack extremely awkward to perform.

Additionally, he has good range on his normals and can hit confirm into combos fairly well. As a payoff for his numerous blessings, his defense is somewhat poor and whiffing with him is a death sentence. His hitbox is very abnormal compared to the others (he is a bear after all), which leads to situations where combos may whiff on him or specific combos that apply to Teddie only. He also lacks an overhead attack, excluding his All-Out Attack which has a noticeable startup.

His leitmotif is known as "Kuma Kuma Circus!" (localized as either "Teddie Circus!," "Bear Bear Circus!" or "Teddie Teddie Circus" and can go either way on those).

Score Attack[]

Teddie is the fourth character the player faces in Score Attack. His damage is increased, he's heavier than normal and Teddie Circus is sped up to high speeds and does 3 trips around.


Persona 4 Golden[]

List of Social Link Skills
Skill Cost Effect Rank
Auto-Rakukaja Passive Automatic Rakukaja at the start of battle. 2
Recarm 8 SP Revives 1 ally with 50% HP. 4
Marakunda 24 SP Decreases all foes' Defense for 3 turns. 6
Samarecarm 18 SP Revives 1 ally with full HP. 8
Evade Elec Passive Triples evasion rate against Elec attacks. 10
List of Bike Skills
Skill Cost Effect Rank
Dekunda 10 SP Nullifies stat penalties on party. 1
Life Drain 3 SP Drains 30 HP from 1 foe. 2
Mustard Bomb 16% HP Deals medium Phys damage to all foes with a chance of Enervation. 3
White Wall 18 SP Add Ice resistance to 1 ally (for 3 turns). 4
Evade Physical Passive Triples evasion rate against Phys attacks. 5


P4 Anime (English)[]

  • "*snicker* She dumped ya, huh?" (teasing Yosuke)

Battle Quotes[]

As fighter
  • "Go, Kintoki-Douji!" (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill)
  • "Here goes! Kamui!" (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill)
  • "Go, Kamui-Moshiri!" (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill)
  • "Bear-sona!" (Peru-kuma! in Japanese version) (Using a skill)
  • "It's so stubborn!" (Failure to eliminate an enemy Shadow)
  • "I'll get it next time!" (Failure to eliminate an enemy Shadow)
  • "Oh ... how cruel!" (Getting up from being knocked down/Dizzy)
  • "I'm still ticking!" (Getting up from being knocked down/Dizzy)
  • "This is my chance, how about it?" (Follow-up attack)
  • "Here I go!" (Follow-up attack after being initiated)
  • "Thank you!" (Being healed)
  • "Thanks a bunch!" (Being healed)
  • "Leave it to moi!" (Tactics: Act Freely)
  • "You're the boss!" (Tactics: Direct Commands)
  • "Bear pile on the enemy!" (Prompt for All-Out Attack)
  • "It's time to get wild!" (Prompt for All-Out Attack)
  • "Just say the word and it's bear time!" (Prompt for All-Out Attack)
  • "Take this! And this!" (Commencing with All-Out Attack)
  • "What a Teddie-ous fight! Heehee." (Battle Won)
  • "I'm the MVB! Wah ha ha!" (Battle won)
  • "These are my true abilities!" (Battle won)
  • "Whee! We won!" (Battle won)
  • "I'm pretty good, aren't I?" (Battle won)
  • "The Teddie legend never dies!" (Battle won)
  • "I've climbed the stairway to maturity!" (Level Up)
As support
  • "Yosuke pounded an enemy!" (Yosuke defeats a Shadow)
  • "Oh, Sensei! How could you?" (Protagonist status down)
  • "That's it, Yosuke! One enemy down!" (Yosuke does a critical hit/weakness point)
  • "Ehh!? '____', your defense is down!" (Any character gets defense down)
  • "Four/three/two enemies left!" (Defeating enough shadows to leave four/three/two enemies remaining)
  • "Hoho! Kanji, you beat an enemy!" (Kanji defeating a Shadow in combat)
  • "An ambush by three enemies! Don't cry!" (Being ambushed by three Shadows)
  • "Three enemies! Let's get through this!" (Engaging combat with three Shadows)
  • "There are two enemies! Hang in there!" (Engaging combat with two Shadows)
  • "Amazing, Sensei! Keep it up!" (Protagonist does a critical hit/weakness point)
  • "Good work, Sensei! That's one so far!" (Defeating Shadow)
  • "I smell one enemy! You can do it!" (Engaging combat with one Shadow)
  • "That was coooool, Yosuke!" (The enemy missed attack on Yosuke)
  • "Beautiful, Yuki-chan!" (The enemy missed attack on Yukiko)
  • "Whoa, Kanji, that was so cool!" (The enemy missed attack on Kanji)
  • "I smell three enemies! Don't get careless!" (Engaging combat with three Shadows)
  • "S-Sensei! How dare you!" *growls* (Protagonist is knocked down)
  • "Two enemies left!" (Defeating enough shadows to leave two enemies remaining)
  • "Hang tight and go for it!" (Using rush)
  • "Hang in there!" (Using rush)
  • "Victory!!" (Party won battle)
  • "Yikes! This one's tough!" (Analyzing an enemy)
  • "You can win this! Do your best!" (Analyzing a weak enemy)
  • "Three enemies! But they're too slow!" (Engaging combat with advantage against three Shadows)
  • "Go Sensei! You knocked it down!" (Protagonist strikes enemy's weakness)
  • "You hit its weakness! Smart move, Sensei!" (Protagonist strikes enemy's weakness)
  • "It's our turn first! There's three enemies!" (Engaging combat with advantage against three Shadows)
  • "It's down!" (Protagonist strikes enemy's weakness)
  • "I smell two enemies! Beat them up!" (Engaging combat with enemies)
  • "You're awesome, Sensei! Go go go!" (Protagonist strikes enemy's weakness)
  • "That was a good one, Sensei!" (Protagonist strikes enemy's weakness)
  • "Great, Sensei! Go for broke!" (Protagonist defeats enemy)
  • "One enemy! Fight! Fight! Fight!" (One enemy in battle)
  • "Two enemy Shadows! You get to go first!" (Engaging combat with advantage against enemies)
  • "No one stands in Sensei's way!" (Protagonist defeats enemy)
  • "Yosuke's on the warpath! Keep it going!" (Yosuke defeats an enemy)
  • "There's one enemy! Smash it!" (Engaging combat with a single enemy)
  • "You've hit its weakness!" (Protagonist strikes enemy's weakness)
  • "Yosuke's in danger! He needs help!" (Yosuke's HP is low)
  • "Waaah! That was intense! You okay?" (Party was struck by an enemy's multi-attack)
  • "No, Sensei! Sensei, get up!" (Protagonist is defeated)
  • "Sensei, get up! Somebody, help!" (Protagonist is defeated)
  • "Get up, sensei! Someone, help!" (Protagonist is defeated)
  • "S-Sensei!? Sensei!" (Protagonist is defeated)
Persona 4 Golden
  • "Yay! Kamui-Moshiri!" (Summoning Persona: Kamui-Moshiri)
  • "I'm here! Time to show my skills!" (Prompting Cavalry Attack)
  • "Come on, miracle!" (When performing the skill Kamui Miracle)
  • "Let's see what pops out!" (When performing the skill Kamui Miracle)
  • "Kamui Miracle!" (When performing the skill Kamui Miracle)
  • "That was easy!" (Battle won in Gekkou Uniform)
  • "All right! Next!" (Battle won in Gekkou Uniform)
  • "Gimme your hearts!" (Battle won in Drag Costume)
  • "Phoenix Rangers Featherman R!" (Battle won in Neo Featherman Suit)
  • "Feather Horned Owl saves the day!" (Battle won in Neo Featherman Suit)

  • "Let's do this!" (When chosen in character select screen)
  • "No! I'm been locked up!" (Trapped inside a locker)
  • "I'm a V.I.P. so I decided to show up late!" (Opening line)
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, let's play!" (Opening line)
  • "If I win, give me a raise!" (Opening line vs. Yosuke)
  • "Oh... I'm in big trouble now!" (Opening line vs. Kanji)
  • "Labby-chan! Let's play!" (Opening line vs. Labrys)
  • "Oh man...! A half-naked man in a cape!" (Opening line vs. Akihiko)
  • "You missed!" (While performing Teddie Decoy when the opponent is attacking)
  • "Teddie Screw!" (While performing Bear Screw)
  • "Teddie Ball!" (While performing Bear Screw)
  • "Teddie Charge!" (While performing Bear Screw)
  • "Teddie Driver!" (While performing Bear Screw)
  • "I'm a wild bear!" (While performing Bear Screw)
  • "Take this!" (While additional A attack)
  • "Climb up the stairs to adulthood!" (While performing Teddie Warp)
  • "BEARy poisonous." (While performing Puppeteddie)
  • "Make sure you trade in your old one!" (While performing Teddivision)
  • "No illegal garbage dumping!" (While performing Teddivision)
  • "How about this launch!" (While performing special move, Tomahawk)
  • "It's showtime!" (Performing Awakened super move, Circus Bear)
  • "This is my big day!" (Performing Awakened super move, Circus Bear)
  • "Let's go Teddie!" (Performing Awakened super move, Circus Bear)
  • "Any tips are appreciated!" (After performing Awakened super move, Circus Bear)
  • "Tune in next time!" (After performing Awakened super move, Circus Bear)
  • "Flip the switch!" (While performing instant kill, Kamui Kablooey)
  • "You've been careless. Look at 'em go!"(During instant kill, Kamui Kablooey)
  • "I'm no match for Sensei...!" (Defeated by Yu)
  • "I handle this" (While grabbing)
  • "I can't STAND you anymore!" (Throw)
  • "I've had enough of this!" (Throw)
  • "[Teddie appears in human form] I'm sorry, baby." (Final victory)
  • "[Teddie appears as Alice] Gimme... your hearts!" (Final victory)
  • "[Teddie appears in naked human form] Oh, don't be discouraged okay?" (Final victory)
  • "Is this the end of me...?" (At the Continue screen)
  • "I'll show you what I'm made of!" (Retry)

Victory Quotes[]

  • "You weren't weak. I was just too strong, baby..."
  • "Every day's great at your Junes! Nana-chan, are you watching?"
  • "Heeheehee... My time has come! I'm surging forth, like the raging waves!"
  • "Oh my, my wild nature just happened to slip out!"
Character specific
  • Yu Narukami: "Did you see that, Sensei? I've gotten stronger, right!?"
  • Yosuke Hanamura: "Hey, Yosuke? I won, so that means I get to eat all the food and sweets that Junes serves!"
  • Yukiko Amagi: "Hey, Yuki-chan! How'd you like my scoring with you, huh? Hrm? That isn't what "scoring" means?"
  • Kanji Tatsumi: "Whew, I thought Kanji was gonna hug me to death... My fur is still unruffled!"
  • Akihiko Sanada: "Oooh! Your muscles are amazing! Yikes, I can't fall behind! Here goes! Hmph! Hmph! Hmph!"
  • Labrys: "Let's do our best together, Labby-chan!"
  • Elizabeth: "Hm... What a mysterious lady. Say, would you like to pet my fur?"
  • Teddie: "The fake Teddie is no good at all. The real one has a much shinier coat of fur!"

  • "Ah! It's Sensei!" (Opening line vs. Yu)
  • "If I win, gimme a kiss!" (Opening line vs. Chie)
  • "Can I try scoring with you?" (Opening line vs. Yukiko)
  • "I'm gonna get arrested!" (vs. Naoto)
  • "I'm the only adorable bear this world needs!" (vs. Teddie (Shadow Type))
  • "Compressed bear!" (Using 2D Teddie)
  • "Did you see me, Nana-chan?" (Final victory)
  • Victory Quotes[]

    • "Heehee, I'm strong after all! I'm a champion!"
    • "A victory for Teddie! How was it, guys? Was I cool?"
    • "Hehehe... Now is the beginning of Teddie's legend! To anyone and everyone: bring it on!"
    • "You have a lot to learn before you can win against me! I accept rematches 24 hours a day!"
    • "I won't run anymore. I have a home I want to protect!"
    • "A frenzy of punches, glistening sweat, and an exchange of blows with a rival... That's youth, baby! Now, let's run towards the sunset!"
    Character Specific
    • Yu Narukami: "No wonder you're my Sensei... You were tough! Please let me go at you again some time!"
    • Yosuke Hanamura: "Yay, I won against Yosuke! Sooo... gimme a raise!"
    • Yukiko Amagi: "Y-Yuki-chan! Were you trying to burn me for real!?"
    • Naoto Shirogane: "The reason you lost, Nao-chan... was because I was too strong! All the mysteries have been solved."
    • Mitsuru Kirijo: "Hrmm? Are you okay, Mit-chan? Your punishment was a little underwhelming this time..."
    • Aigis: "A barrage of bullets from the cute Ai-chan? I'll accept them all!"
    • Elizabeth: "A-Are you after my life after all? I definitely don't wanna be made into bear stew!"
    • Yukari Takeba: "Ohoho! This lady seems marvelous too! Wanna have some tea with me at Junes?"
    • Ken Amada & Koromaru: "I won't let you take the role of adorable mascot! This age needs a bear like me, not just a plain ol' doggie!"
    • Rise Kujikawa: "Rise-chan, you've climbed the stairs to adulthood! Your new Persona was really cool!"
    • Sho Minazuki: "You have such sad eyes... Don't worry! I'm sure you can change!"
    • Marie: "It's great to see you, Emmy-chan! Might as well make the most of it, so let's go on a date!"

  • "Whether I'm the star or not depends on you, leader!" (Battle start, with P3 hero as leader)
  • "Teddie rocks all faces!" (Battle start)
  • "Mit-chan, if you're scared, hide inside me!" (Battle start, with Mitsuru)
  • "Let's give it our best, Sensei!" (Battle start, with P4 hero)
  • "It's the springy Shadow!" (Battle start, fighting Gene Shadow)
  • "Ewww, that's a sweaty-looking Shadow!" (Battle start, fighting Beastly Gigas Shadow)
  • "Hnngh... you must be a pervert! That's one kinky pose!" (Battle start, fighting Fierce Cyclops Shadow)
  • "Ah! Samurai!" (Battle start, fighting Rain Leg Musha Shadow)
  • "I'll show you ROAR power!" (Battle start, fighting Wheel Shadow)
  • "It's a tank!" (Battle start, fighting Turret Shadow)
  • "We're not gonna lose to this small fry!" (Battle start, fighting low-leveled F.O.E)
  • "Play dead! Maybe it'll go away!" (Battle start, fighting high-leveled F.O.E)
  • "I'll get them!" (Attack)
  • "Bear-sona!" (Skill, Kintoki-Douji/Kamui)
  • "Kintoki-Douji!" (Skill, Kintoki-Douji)
  • "Come here, Kintoki-Douji!" (Skill, Kintoki-Douji)
  • "Go, Kintoki-Douji!" (Skill, Kintoki-Douji)
  • "Kamui!" (Skill, Kamui)
  • "Come here, Kamui!" (Skill, Kamui)
  • "It's Teddie time!" (Skill, Sub-Persona)
  • "Pre-bear for Teddie!" (Skill, Sub-Persona)
  • "Use this!" (Item, on Allies)
  • "Let me help!" (Item, on Allies)
  • "What?" (Miss)
  • "No way!" (Miss)
  • "Hum-dee-hum... Enemies are friends, and friends are enemies!" (Panic)
  • "I feel all static-y!" (Paralysis)
  • "What... is poison...?" (Poison)
  • "I... finally... scored... (giggles and snores)" (Sleep)
  • "Ahhh! Danger! Who's in danger? Wait... it's me?" (Low HP)
  • "I... I'm bear-ly hanging in there..." (Low HP, responding to P4 hero)
  • "Hrnngh... I won't take pity from you!" (Low HP, responding to Koromaru)
  • "Our leader's in trouble!" (Low HP, P3 hero as leader)
  • "Mit-chan's in trouble! Can I help?" (Low HP, Mitsuru)
  • "Hnghh... my rival's in trouble!" (Low HP, Koromaru)
  • "Sensei, you don't look so hot!" (Low HP, P4 hero as Vice Leader)
  • "Oh, Yosuke! Why'd you have to die?" (Low HP, Yosuke)
  • "Yuki-chan's hurt! Teddie to the rescue!" (Low HP, Yukiko)
  • "Uh-oh! Kanji's got a big boo-boo!" (Low HP, Kanji)
  • "Yoinks! Zen and Rei-chan are struggling!" (Low HP, Zen and Rei)
  • "Uh-oh! I'm running low on Persona juice!" (Low SP)
  • "I'm done for..." (Dies)
  • "Ahhh! Our leader's out cold!" (P3/P4 hero as Leader dies)
  • "Sit back and watch how it's done, mutt!" (Koromaru dies)
  • "SENSEI!" (P4 hero as Vice Leader dies)
  • "Kanji's down!" (Kanji dies)
  • "Rei-chan! REI-CHANNNNNN! Oh, and Zen, too." (Zen and Rei die)
  • "Zen's not moving!" (Zen dies, after clearing Inaba Pride Exhibit)
  • "I need to go again!" (Follow-up, prompt)
  • "Give me the finishing move!" (Follow-up, prompt)
  • "Bear screw attack!" (Follow-up, accept)
  • "I'll go and break!" (Follow-up, accept)
  • "No way!" (Follow-up, no enemies defeated)
  • "Everyone's feeling good! Should we go All-Out?" (All-Out Attack, prompt)
  • "Charge!" (All-Out Attack, accept)
  • "Raging Teddie!" (All-Out Attack, accept)
  • "My circus of miracles is just beginning!" (One enemy defeated, less than 3 turns)
  • "Okay, so what's next?" (One enemy defeated, more than 3 turns)
  • "Victory!" (Battle end)
  • "We won!" (Battle end)
  • "We did it!" (Battle end)
  • "Score 1 for Team Gekkou!" (Battle end, P3 hero as Leader)
  • "We're su-bear-rior!" (Result)
  • "Our victory broke the sound bear-rier!" (Result)
  • "Did everyone see how great I was?" (Result)
  • "My claws had it covered!" (Result)
  • "I'm proud and lovelier than ever!" (Level up)
  • "My power is un-bear-alleled!" (Level up)
  • "My Persona's cool, too!" (Level up, Sub-Persona)
  • "Sign of a new Persona! Right, Kamui?" (Level up, Kintoki-Douji turns into Kamui)
  • "Your Persona's growing, too!" (Level up, P3/P4 hero's Sub-Persona)
  • "Here I come!" (Opening door)
  • "Whoopsie! Fire's out!" (Holy Flame goes out)

  • Gallery[]

    Persona 4
    Persona 4 Teddie 2.jpg
    Teddie's in-game expressions
    Teddie's in-game expressions
    Teddie's in-game expressions (Human form)
    Teddie concept
    Teddie sketches
    Persona 4 Teddie.jpg
    Teddie concept
    Persona 4 Teddie Concept.jpg
    Concept art of Teddie's human form
    Persona 4 Teddie Alice.jpg
    Teddie dressed as Alice in Soejima Shigenori Arts Book 2004-2010
    Protagonist and Teddie
    Teddie in a TV
    Persona 4 investigation team 2.jpg
    Teddie with the group
    Persona 4 investigation team 9.jpg
    Teddie with the group
    Persona 4 investigation team 6.jpg
    Teddie with the group
    Teddie's All-Out Attack portrait in Persona 4 Golden
    Teddie's human portrait
    Teddie's new year clothes
    P4G Teddie epilogue portrait.png
    Teddie's epilogue portrait in Persona 4 Golden
    Teddie as Alice
    Teddie says goodbye to the protagonist
    Teddie and Yukiko
    Teddie continues his goodbye
    Teddie in the group photo
    P4G group photo.jpg
    Teddie in the group photo
    Teddie in the intro
    2020 p4golden for pc artwork.jpeg
    Artwork by Shigenori Soejima on 500k players for the PC version of Persona 4 Golden.
    P4G Steam Wallpaper7.jpg
    Steam Background - Teddie and Kintoki-Douji (Uncommon)
    P4G Steam Emote7.png
    Steam Emoticon - :p4g_smiling: (Common)
    P4G Steam Emote7 18x18.png
    Steam Emoticon - :p4g_smiling: 18x18 (Common)
    Persona 4 (Manga)
    Persona 4 Cover 2.png
    Cover for Volume 2
    Persona 4 Cover 4.png
    Cover for Volume 4
    Persona 4 manga 5.png
    Cover for Volume 5
    Persona 4 Cover 8.jpg
    Cover for Volume 8
    P4 manga Volume 8 Illustration.jpg
    Illustration of Volume 8
    P4 manga Volume 10 Illustration.jpg
    Illustration of Volume 10
    Teddie human form in P4 manga.jpg
    Teddie/Kuma's human form seen in manga adaption
    Persona 4 The Animation
    Persona 4 Volume 7.png
    Teddie on DVD Cover of P4A Volume 7
    P4A Volume 9 Illustration cover.jpg
    Volume 9 Illustration cover
    Concept artwork from The Animation
    Teddie in second opening of the animation
    Teddie in second opening of the animation
    Teddie anime close up.png
    Teddie's battle anime close up
    Persona 4 teddie .jpg
    Teddie's anime battle close up from episode 17, under the effect's of Shadow Naoto's aging beam.
    Persona 4 The Golden Animation
    Persona 4 The Golden Animation Volume 2 DVD.jpg
    Teddie on DVD Cover of P4GA Volume 2
    Persona 4 The Golden Episode 3 Festivial theme.jpg
    Teddie in a festival outfit
    Persona 4 The Golden Episode 4 Cheerleader theme.jpg
    Teddie in a cheerleading outfit
    Persona 4 The Golden Episode 5 Halloween theme.jpg
    Teddie in a jack-o-lantern outfit
    Persona 4 The Golden Episode 8 random theme.jpg
    Teddie and Yosuke
    P4GA Teddie.png
    Teddie's design in Persona 4 The Golden Animation
    Persona 4 Arena
    P4A Profile Teddie.png
    P4 Arena (Rise Kujikawa, Elizabeth (Persona 3), Teddie).jpg
    Teddie in Persona 4 The Ultimate Mayonaka Arena Official Book
    Teddie Glasses Sprite.jpg
    Teddie's eye mask sprite in Persona 4 Arena.
    P4U Fake Teddie Render.png
    "Teddie" in Persona 4 Arena
    Teddie close up with mask.jpg
    Teddie's close up with eye mask
    Teddie pre battle.jpg
    Teddie arcade artwork.jpg
    Concept of Teddie in arcade mode
    Concept sprite of Teddie.jpg
    Teddie Idle stance.gif
    Teddie's Sprite
    Persona ultimate Teddie.jpg
    "Teddie" in Arcade opening of Persona 4 Arena
    Teddie special attack.jpg
    Teddie's Instant Kill: Kamui Kablooey
    P4A Teddie Story Mode.jpg
    Teddie in Persona 4 Arena's Story Mode
    Teddie (Persona 4 Arena, Story Mode Illustration, 2).jpg
    Teddie (Persona 4 Arena, Story Mode Illustration, 3).jpg
    Teddie Win Pose 2 (Clothed).jpg
    Clothed Win Pose
    Teddie Win Pose 3 (Naked).jpg
    Naked Win Pose
    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
    P4A Illustration.png
    Teddie in P4U2 trailer.jpg
    Teddie in the "trailer" for the P1 Climax
    P4AU (P4 Mode, Teddie unexpected faced General Teddie).png
    Teddie unexpectedly facing General Teddie
    P4AU (P3 Mode, Teddie reveal his human form to Junpei and Yukari).png
    Teddie revealing his human form to Yukari and Junpei
    P4AU (P4, Teddie daydream of his female friends wearing Junes swimsuits).jpg
    Teddie daydreams of his female friends wearing Junes swimsuits
    Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax (Manga)
    P4U2 advertisement illustration of Yosuke and Teddie by Rokuro Saito.png
    Illustration Countdown of Teddie and Yosuke for Volume 1 by Rokuro Saito
    P4AU Illustration Halloween 2016 special of Yosuke, Yu, and Teddie by Rokuro Saito.png
    Illustration Countdown of Teddie, Yu, and Yosuke for Volume 2 by Rokuro Saito
    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Manga Vol.1 Illustration 01.jpg
    Ultimax Illustration of Volume 1
    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Manga Vol.2 Illustration 01.png
    Ultimax Volume 2 Illustration
    P4U2 Promo Art 2.png
    Persona 4: Dancing All Night
    P4D Teddie close up.png
    Teddie close up for Dancing All Night
    Persona 4 dancing all night official visual book.jpg
    Teddie from Persona 4 Dancing All Night Official Visual Book
    P4D artwork artbox.jpg
    P4D Official Visual Visual Book Original Stage Costume for Teddie.jpg
    Concept art of Teddie's Original Costume
    P4D Official Visual Visual Book Original Stage Costume for Teddie, 02.jpg
    P4D Teddie's Costume Coordinate 01.jpg
    P4D Teddie's Costume Coordinate 02.jpg
    P4D Teddie's Costume Coordinate 03.jpg
    P4D Teddie's Costume Coordinate 04.jpg
    P4D Teddie default portrait.png
    Teddie's portrait in Persona 4: Dancing All Night
    P4D human teddie portrait.png
    Teddie's human portrait in Persona 4: Dancing All Night
    Persona 4 Dancing All Night Sega Wallpaper.png
    Sega wallpaper of Teddie
    P4D screenshot of Teddie.jpg
    Teddie in-game
    Teddie Human Form in P4DA.jpg
    Teddie in-game
    P4D Costumes
    P4D Teddie default change.PNG
    Initial Costume
    P4D Teddie regular change.PNG
    Teddie Bearsuit
    P4D Teddie halloween outfit change.PNG
    Jack-O'-Lantern (Halloween)
    P4D Teddie christmas costume.png
    Christmas Costume
    P4D Teddie quiz show outfit change.PNG
    Quiz Costume
    P4D Teddie Long Nose Suit.png
    Long Nose Suit
    P4D Teddie festival happi.png
    Festival Jinbei
    P4D Teddie general clock free DLC.png
    General's Cloak (Free DLC)
    P4D Teddie Original Stage Costume DLC.png
    Original Stage Costume (Bear) (DLC)
    P4D Teddie Featherman Costume DLC.png
    Neo Featherman Suit (Free DLC)
    P4D Teddie P-color Selection DLC.png
    Persona Classics Set (Paid DLC) (Based on Jack Frost)
    P4D Teddie P-color Selection 2 DLC.png
    Persona Classics Set 2 (Paid DLC) (Based on Koromaru)
    P4D Human Teddie casual wear.png
    Initial Outfit
    P4D Human Teddie drag costume.png
    Drag Costume
    P4D Human Teddie Original Stage Costume DLC.png
    Original Stage Costume (Human) (Paid DLC)
    P4D Human Teddie P-color Selection 2 DLC.png
    Persona Classics Set 2 (Paid DLC) (Based on Ken Amada)
    Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
    Teddie - Bear P4PQ.jpg
    Teddie's Bear suit animated artwork
    Teddie - Human P4PQ.jpg
    Teddie's human form animated artwork
    Teddie and Koromaru PQ.jpg
    Teddie being attacked by Koromaru
    Persona Q artwork 2.jpg
    Teddie with the group
    Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth Roundabout (DengekiComicsEX) cover.jpg
    Teddie appears on the -Roundabout- volume cover
    Teddie Roundabout.png
    Teddie in -Roundabout-
    PQ P3 Side Teddie.jpg
    Teddie in Side: P3
    PQ P3 Side Teddie human form.png
    Teddie's human form seen in Side: P3
    PQ P4 Side Teddie.jpg
    Teddie in Side: P4
    PQ P4 Side Teddie human form.jpg
    Teddie's human form seen in Side: P4
    Q CloseUp Teddie.png
    Teddie's Cut-in
    PSC official line stickers 07.png
    PSC official line stickers 10.png
    PSC official line stickers 16.png
    Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth
    PQ2 Main Visual Artwork.jpg
    Teddie with the group
    Q2 CloseUp Teddie.png
    Teddie's Close Up
    Q2 AOA P4 Teddie.png
    Teddie's All-Out-Attack
    PQ2 main P4 playable characters.png
    Teddie with the P4 cast
    PQ2 Credits image 8.jpg
    Teddie in the end credits
    PQ2 Credits image 9.jpg
    Teddie in the end credits
    PQ2 Credits image 13.png
    Teddie in the end credits
    PQ2 LINE Stamp 15.png
    LINE Sticker
    Live Action
    Visualive Teddie.jpg
    Teddie as he appears in Persona 4 Visualive
    PERSONA 20th Anniversary Festival
    Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, P4, 02.png
    Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, P4, 06.png
    Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, P4, 09.png
    Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, 07.png
    Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, 12.png
    PML12 Poster.jpg
    PMB14 Poster.jpg
    PLT15 Poster.jpg
    Teddie Takoyaki P4AU.jpg
    Wooser Kuma.jpg
    Teddie cameos in Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life: Awakening Arc promoting Persona Q
    Persora Awards Illustration.jpg
    Illustration of the Protagonist, Aigis, Yu, and Teddie by Shigenori Soejima.jpg
    Illustration of Teddie. Yu, the P3 protagonist and Aigis by Shigenori Soejima
    Morgana as Teddie in Persona 5
    Teddie and Morgana 200000 Followers.jpg
    Teddie and Morgana in the 200,000 followers celebration
    TGS2018 MorganaTeddieAigis.jpg
    Teddie, Morgana and Aigis at TGS2018[5]
    Persora MementoMori.jpg
    Persona25thAnniversary KoromaruTeddieMorgana TowelSet.jpg
    Teddie, Koromaru & Morgana die cut towel set (from Persona 25th Anniversary)
    25th Taiyaki.png
    Taiyaki of Teddie, Morgana & Koromaru (Sega Collaboration Cafe, Persona 25th Anniversary)
    P25 SCC Collaboration Promo Art P4.jpg
    Promotional artwork for the Persona 25th Anniversary x Sega Collaboration Cafe collaboration
    Teddie in the 25th FES website background
    P25thFES TeddieMorgana.jpg
    Teddie and Morgana in the 25th FES website background

    In Other Languages[]

    Language Titles
    Flag of the United States English Teddie Ted
    Flag of Japan Japanese クマ (Kuma) 熊田 (Kumada)
    Flag of South Korea Korean 곰 (Gom) 웅이 (Ung-i)
    Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China Traditional Chinese 小熊 (Xiǎoxióng) 熊田 (Xióngtián)
    Flag of France French Kuma
    Flag of Germany German Teddy
    Flag of Spain Spanish Kuma


    • Some design sketches for Teddie indicate that he was originally planned to be female.
    • Teddie imitates Takaya Sakaki's scene at the love hotel from Persona 3 when the protagonist and the team go there for the school trip in Port Island.
    • In the Japanese version, he uses the alter ego Kumada (熊田, lit. "bear field," but can also be interpreted as クマだ, or 'It's Kuma!" or may be a pun on the name, "Yamada") instead of retaining his original name once he comes out to the real world. Kumada is a common Japanese last name.
    • When the group plays "King's Game," he and Kanji kiss regardless of number choice, but it is not seen on-screen. Choosing number three implies that Teddie was likely intoxicated, although his dialogue towards Kanji and flirtatiousness with Yu implies he may have had the intent to kiss him, while choosing number one shows Teddie had simply missed.
    • Inside the DVD of Persona 4, there is hidden audio of Teddie describing Naoto's current status in battle when he is in the supporting role. This scenario is impossible considering the timeline of the game, since the team rescues Naoto after Teddie joins the party as a fighter.
    • In the animated cutscenes of the game, the mouth of Teddie's bear suit does not move after he develops an ego, but in the anime, his mouth moves even after he obtains his human form. This is also changed in the new animated cutscenes in Persona 4 Golden, but in the cutscenes from the original game, his mouth still doesn't move.
    • One of Teddie's usable weapons, Strega Claw is a reference to Strega from Persona 3.
    • In Persona 4 Golden, when wearing a Gekkoukan High uniform (in human form), Teddie imitates Ken Amada's victory pose and says his lines. He also spins an imaginary spear in the victory pose.
    • In Persona 4 Golden, Teddie, near the end of the game, visits the protagonist during lunch at school to suggest hanging out later, much like other Social Link characters. This is the only time in the game he does so, as his Social Link is part of the game's plot and non-optional.
    • Teddie, in some regards, is similar to another Shadow, Ryoji Mochizuki. However, Teddie gained a human form due to him gaining a Persona, while Ryoji gained a human form due to being inside the protagonist of Persona 3 for 10 years, however he originally appeared in the form of a child.
    • As stated above, in the English versions of Persona 4, Teddie's dialogue is full of bear puns. The ultimate form of the Star Arcana, Teddie's Arcana, is Helel, the Light "Bear"er.
    • Teddie's Bear Claw follow-up attack is likely a reference to Bear Claw user Warsman's signature Screwdriver technique from the manga series Kinnikuman. Teddie's technique was renamed Bear Screw in Persona 4 Arena.
    • Teddie, Shadow Labrys and Metis (though she is only theorized to be a Shadow) are one of the few Shadows that have developed egos and wield Personas.
    • It is mentioned in Persona Q and shown in Persona 4 Arena that after leaving the TV World, he takes residence in Yosuke's closet which includes a bed and some pieces of human clothing.
    • Teddie's Personas have an appearance of metallic ball-shaped machines. This correlates with Teddie's own body being round and artificially made.
    • Though subtle, Teddie's voice actually changes when he is in his human form. It isn't as excitable and is smoother than his regular voice. However, he goes back to his original voice every now and then, especially when in his bear suit.
    • Morgana in Persona 5 can wear a Teddie outfit as DLC.
    • Teddie appears in Persona 5 as a central part of the festive decoration called a Kumade (熊手*)?. It is is bought by Haru Okumura for the protagonist to decorate his room with after he assists her at the Tori no Ichi Festival.
    • Teddie makes numerous cameos throughout Atlus' game Catherine: as a stuffed animal, on a poster, on a bottle of "Bear Beer" and more.
    • Teddie says "bear" 65 times in Persona 4 The Animation.
    • In Persona 4 Golden, due to Teddie's unknown age, he is unable to obtain a license to obtain a scooter to ride to the beach; he instead uses roller blades while in his bear suit.

    Persona 4 Arena[]


    Gamers! E2 Playing Persona 4

    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax in Gamers!.

    • The Bear Screw attack is based on his Bear Claw follow up attack in the original Persona 4.
    • In his Fake Bear R-Action, Teddie can still deflate his suit somehow, even long after gaining a human form.
    • After landing Teddie's Kamooey Kablooey (Kamu Kamu Rocket, in Japanese version), Kintoki-Douji descends with an afro on top of its head, referencing Faust's instant kill from Guilty Gear X where he blows both his opponent and himself up with a bomb, giving them both afros.
    • There is a cutscene that shows Teddie flexing his muscles which is also his All-Out Attack cut-in image in Persona 4 Golden.
    • When Teddie wins a match in Persona 4 Arena, the announcer will say "Kuma wins!" on the English voice setting.
    • Both Chie and Teddie are the only characters to not retain any of their offensive spells in their movesets; in Teddie's case, all of his attacks are original save for his followup attack.
    • Teddie's auto-combo has him finish with multiple punches while growing large eyebrows. This is a reference to the anime and manga series "Fist of the North Star." Arc System Works also did a fighting game adaptation of the series.
    • In the second episode of the 2017 anime series Gamers!, the characters Keita Amano and Tasuku Uehara play the arcade version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Tasuku's Teddie defeat's Keita's Yu Narukami, without losing any HP.

    Persona 4: Dancing All Night[]

    • Teddie, along with Nanako, has two different artworks: one is his default Teddie Costume, and the other is his human form.

    Appearances in Other Media[]

    Title Details Date External Links
    Puzzle and Dragons Collaboration event
    * Teddie
    July 16th, 2018 - July 29th, 2018
    Catherine / Full Body * Cameo as a plush in Stray Sheep
    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC
    * Playable Character (Season 2). Unlike Aigis, Teddie fully retains his English and Japanese names, text and pronunciation.
    * May 31, 2018 (Japan)
    * June 5, 2018 (North America)
    * June 22, 2018 (Europe)
    Article on the Cross Tag Wiki
    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate DLC
    * hat for the Mii Fighters. Teddie himself can be seen dancing on TV screens when the Mementos stage is chosen with its Persona 4 skin.
    BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
    Teddie (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Character Select Artwork).png
    Teddie in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle (Arcade Poster).jpg
    Illustration of Teddie for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle arcade poster
    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle (Special Edition Poster).jpg
    Illustration of Teddie for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition poster
    Extra (Cross Tag Battle, Episode Mode Illustration, 2,Type A).png
    Extra (Cross Tag Battle, Episode Mode Illustration, 2,Type D).png
    Extra (Cross Tag Battle, Episode Mode Illustration, 2,Type E).png
    Catherine (Full Body)
    Catherine Teddie Stray Sheep.png
    Teddie Plush in Catherine
    Catherine Trio Stray Sheep.jpg
    Teddie Plush in Catherine: Full Body
    Puzzle and Dragons
    Teddie Puzzle and Dragons.jpg
    Teddie in Puzzle and Dragons
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    Teddie hat


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