Technical is a battle mechanic in Persona 5 that allows users to deal additional damage to an enemy, regardless of their weakness, by hitting them with a specific element when they have a status change.



Persona 5Edit

When an enemy is afflicted with an ailment, certain elemental skills can deal additional damage, resulting in "Technical!" to be displayed. The viable element depends on the inflicted ailment. When a Technical is activated, the damage is multiplied by x1.4.

In particular, Psychic skills and Nuclear skills specifically target ailments.

Ailment Technical
Burn Nuclear + Wind
Shock Nuclear + Physical + Gun
Freeze Nuclear + Physical + Gun
Dizzy Any
Sleep Any
Forget None
Confuse Psychic
Fear Psychic
Despair Psychic
Rage Psychic
Brainwash Psychic

If the game's difficulty is set to Merciless, like with Critical hits, the damage of Technical attacks will be tripled via stacking on the normal multiplier, regardless of the source.

Persona 5 RoyalEdit

In Persona 5 Royal, Technical damage has been overhauled, to the point where it can become necessary during certain fights. Particularly for Savage Shadows, such as Fafnir, who have no weaknesses and many resistances. Utilizing Technical damage is encouraged, as Makoto Niijima's trait increases the chance of inflicting Burn, Shock, or Freeze, opening the door for strategic attacks.

There's now also a chance for the enemy to be knocked down if hit with a Technical, which will trigger a "1 More!"

Like Baton Pass, it is now possible to rank up Technical attacks by playing billiards in Kichijoji. In order to land the trick shots needed to increase Technical rank, the protagonist must have sufficient Proficiency stat rank and have the right books and items.

Rank Effects Requirements
1 Technical Damage+ x1.5 - Default
2 Technical Damage++ x1.6 - Rank 3 Proficiency Read "Expert Billiards"
3 Technical Damage+++ x1.7 Knockdown Rate+ Rank 4 Proficiency Have Jump Cue
4 Technical Damage++++ x1.8 Will knock down enemy Rank 5 Proficiency Read "Billiards Magician"

The Forget ailment now opens vulnerability to Psychic skills. Additionally, new Technical combinations can be added after reading the book "Knowing the Heart". It is available for purchase for ¥12,000 from Jinbocho, once all the other related books have been read.

Ailment Default Technical Book Technical
Burn Nuclear + Wind -
Shock Nuclear + Physical + Gun -
Freeze Nuclear + Physical + Gun -
Dizzy Any -
Sleep Any -
Forget Psychic Electric
Confuse Psychic Wind + Gun
Fear Psychic Ice
Despair Psychic Curse
Rage Psychic Fire
Brainwash Psychic Bless

The traits "Skillful Technique" and "Universal Law" are able to boost the damage of Technical attacks by 25% and 50% respectively.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom StrikersEdit

The Passive skill, Finesse, increases the damage received from Technical hits.

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