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Tanaka's Amazing Commodities (時価ネットたなか, Jika Netto Tanaka)? is a home shopping program hosted by President Tanaka in the Persona series. Once the program starts airing in the games, the protagonists will be able to watch it on Sunday mornings with the TVs in their room and order special item bundles to be delivered.



Persona 3Edit

Tanaka's Amazing Commodities begins airing on May 3rd and continues most Sundays until the last showing for purchasable items on December 27th. Using the TV in their room on Sunday mornings, the protagonist can choose to buy the item set or abstain from ordering. The package will arrive after a few days in the morning.

Schedule (Portable)Edit

Date Item Set Price
May 3 Yawn-B-Gone x3, Muscle Drink x2 ¥1,980
May 10 Garu Skill Card, Zio Skill Card ¥2,980
May 17 All-Purpose Katana, Cadenza x2 ¥4,980
May 24 All-Purpose Apron, Umugi Water x2 ¥4,980
May 31 Battle Panties, Diet Food x2 ¥3,980
June 7 Auto-Tarukaja Skill Card, Sappy Jelly x5 ¥2,980
June 14 Beast Leggings, Emerald x3 ¥4,980
June 21 Auto-Rakukaja Skill Card, Muscle Drink x2 ¥4,980
June 28 Champion Gloves, Mega Protein x3 ¥3,980
July 5 Precious Egg, Yawn-B-Gone x2 ¥5,980
July 12 Max Safety Shoes, Trickster x2 ¥5,980
July 19 Shirt of Chivalry, Mega Protein x2 ¥6,980
July 26 Bead Chain, Amethyst x3 ¥5,980
August 2 No TV shopping (Annual High School Sports Competition) -
August 9 Spirit Drain Skill Card, Health Supplement x4 ¥4,980
August 23 Dragon Boots, Opal x2 ¥9,980
August 30 Soma, Best Friends x3 ¥10,000
September 6 Megido Skill Card, Mind Supplement x4 ¥6,980
September 13 Omega Spear, Garnet x3 ¥12,800
September 20 No TV shopping (Typhoon) -
September 27 Growth 2 Skill Card, Veggie Supplement x4 ¥18,800
October 4 No TV Shopping (Full Moon Operation) -
October 11 R/C Geta, Instant Ramen x5 ¥24,000
October 18 Pearl x2, Topaz x3 ¥45,000
October 25 Berserker's Seal, Mega Protein x3 ¥29,800
November 1 Raven Claw, Balm of Life x2 ¥49,800
November 8 Ruby, Sapphire x2 ¥19,800
November 15 Auto-Mataru Skill Card, Mega Protein x8 ¥59,800
November 29 Shoes of Bane, Last Judge x2 ¥79,800
December 6 Growth 3 Skill Card, Ruby x2 ¥59,800
December 13 Soma, Umugi Water x4 ¥99,800
December 20 Mediarahan Skill Card, Chewing Soul x4 ¥200,000
December 27 Diamond x5, Pearl x5 ¥178,000

Persona 4Edit

Tanaka's Amazing Commodities begins airing in Inaba on May 22nd and continues most Sundays until the last showing for purchasable items on November 20th. Using the TV in his room on Sunday mornings, the protagonist can choose between one of two bundle offers or abstain from ordering. The package will arrive after a few nights in the evening along with a bonus Prize Sticker. After collecting three Prize Stickers, the protagonist can send away for a prize package of random common or rare items using the red mailbox in front of Daidara in the Central Shopping District. At least one Prize Sticker is also necessary for completing quests in the game.


Date Bundle Price
May 22 Adios Shoes, Slimming Food x2
Medical Kit, Medicine x4
May 29 Steel Panier, Slimming Food x2
Ball Lightning, Chest Key x2
June 5 Jingi Fundoshi, Slimming Food x2
Inaba Trout, Amber Seema x2
June 12 Fire Suppressor, Herbal Pill x2
Balm of Life, Curse Paper x4
June 19 Power Belt, Herbal Pill x2
Huge Fish, Ice Cube x4
June 26 Myth-like Sword, Herbal Pill x2
Purifying Salts x2, Segaki Rice x2
July 3 Armada Bustier, Giant Candy x2
Peach Seed x30, Soul Drop x10
July 10 Event Day -
July 17 Purple Suit, Giant Candy x2
Diamond Shield x2, Heavy Soup x6
July 24 Kitchen Knife, Giant Candy x2
Second Maid x24, Dr. Salt NEO x24
July 31 Maneki Neko, Giant Candy x2
Smart Bomb x2, Super Sonic x2
August 7 Paladin Armor, Longevity Pill x2
Kitchen Knife, Myth-like Sword
August 14 Wooden Bat, Longevity Pill x2
Segaki Rice x6, Purifying Salts x4
August 21 Event Day -
August 28 Thief Knife, Longevity Pill x2
Hell Magatama x2, Arc Magatama x2
September 4 Charm Drape, Heavy Soup x2
Chest Key x2, Prize Sticker x5
September 11 Fuuma Bundou, Heavy Soup x2
Inaba Trout x4, Dry Ice x2
September 18 Reprisal Chain, Heavy Soup x2
Soma, Purifying Water x2
September 25 Death Scudetto, Wasabi Jelly x2
Diet Food x8, Odd Morsel x8
October 2 Peach Battlesuit, Wasabi Jelly x2
Red Goldfish x10, Bait x10
October 9 Nice Shoes, Wasabi Jelly x2
Huge Fish x2, Dry Ice x4
October 16 Red Battlesuit, Diet Food x2
Physical Mirror x3, Magic Mirror x3
October 23 Pure Assassin, Diet Food x2
Chest Key x2, Prize Sticker x5
October 30 Event Day -
November 6 Event Day -
November 13 Reisen Brace, Diet Food x2
Nice Shoes, Red Battlesuit
November 20 Angel Skirt, Diet Food x2
Soma, Amrita Soda

Persona 5Edit

"This site is incredibly shady... So, are you gonna sign up?"

Tanaka has moved to an online shopping website called Tanaka's Shady Commodities (闇ネットたなか, Yami Netto Tanaka)?. It is accessible through the broken laptop bought from the recycling store in Yongen-Jaya, and fixed with the PC Toolset bought in Akihabara. The protagonist may buy several items at a time and will have to wait for the items to come in before they can order more.

The shop has a rank system depending on how much money the protagonist has spent. Spending over 10,000 yen unlocks the Black level, spending over 50,000 yen unlocks the Dark level and spending over 100,000 yen unlocks the Chaos level. The ranks unlock the type of items the protagonist may buy from the store.

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