The Protagonist's Final Arcana[edit source]

The protagonist's final Arcana is stated to be 'The Universe', the final Arcana in the Thoth Deck, and is hinted to have never been used prior to the game's events. Igor himself calls the protagonist's new power 'The Universe', and also states that he had never imagined that he'd ever "See this card with [his] own eyes", despite the fact that he HAS seen The World numerous times in prior Persona games, AND the fact that his own assistant, Elizabeth, has that Arcana.

To strengthen this argument, the game HAS explicitly used one other Thoth Card, the Aeon, which represents the S-Link between the protagonist and Aegis.

Furthermore, should the player choose to use a cheat device to allow usage of the final Arcana, it is labeled 'The Universe' by the game. 22:45, 6 November 2008 (UTC)

Nobody is able to use The World Arcana Persona 3.The World was totally replaced by The Universe. If someone wants to say that Elizabeth has such power, then put some references.

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