Original source: "モミの木に住んでいるオーストラリアの木の精。木こりに切ると良い木を教えてくれる。プッツの住んでいる木には空洞があり、金貨が詰まっているとされているが、プッツの機嫌を損ねた者は、その金貨を手に入れることは出来ないといわれている。"

Quick and dirty translation: An Australian spirit living in fir trees.  Informs lumberjacks of good trees to cut.  It is said that there are cavities in the trees where Puts lives, which are filled with gold coins; however, those who harm Puts's mood will be unable to get the gold coins.

Since fir trees are not native to the southern hemisphere (including Australia), I firmly believe this is an error on the part of Atlus, and this is actually supposed to be an Austrian tree spirit.  May be linguistically related to Middle High German Putz "ornament, finery", which in Yiddish became ironically used as Putz "male genitalia"; note modern High German Putz "plaster" is probably unrelated and likely a loan from French potée (cf. English putty)). There is also a character named Purzinigele (a demonic or magical helper similar to Rumpelstiltskin).  This is definitely dissimilar to any Aboriginal Australian language at any rate: needs more research to be sure of the proper provenance.

- Miwasatoshi (talk) 21:46, June 30, 2017 (UTC)

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