Due to the sheer amount of equipment in this game (like having 3 different colors for every set of armor), using Tabber might be the best way to keep the page from becoming ridiculously long, and should help with sorting.  With my limited knowledge of wiki-ing, the easiest way I could figure out how to include an "All" tab without having to do an internal link to god-knows-where-else, like used on this page, which would make it more difficult to edit, was to simply repeat all the information in the "All" section. I'd love to know if there's a better way to go about this, or if anyone has a better idea on how to organize things without sacrificing ease-of-use and without making it difficult to figure out how to edit.  Any suggestions on how to better organize, suggestions on layout, etc, would also be appreciated. Tathra (talk) 16:20, July 30, 2013 (UTC)

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