Hello! I made this page because I saw a lot of people around the net asking for a pre-completed list of the Special Screenings in order to know, for example, if they're missing any of them, or when they'll be able to fuse certain Sub-Personas. It's far from perfect in its current state, but it should function for most of those purposes. Further help is greatly appreciated! If anyone wants to add, for example, how each ticket is procured through gameplay, it would be most welcome -- I'm at the very end of my first playthrough right now, so it'll be a hot minute before I can find those trigger events again. It's probably in the game's files, if anyone already knows their way around them. And, of course, if anything I've included is incorrect or out-of-place on this page, please correct them without hesitation! Just trying to do my part. --Crossark (talk) 19:28, July 17, 2019 (UTC)

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