Chinese ZodiacEdit

As in one of the trivia, not found by me, I tried making some sort of connection between characters using the Wiki: (I'm sure of the (o) and (x), the first are because of characteristic, the second are declared by the game)

Yamato Hotsujin Rat (o) * Rat is the most Charismatic
Jungo Torii Ox
Keita Wakui Tiger
Io Nitta Rabbit
Ronaldo Kuriki Dragon (o) It was the only sign of the 1st trine to not contain one of the ending character, plus many parts do fit him
Otome Yanagiya Snake
Hinako Kujou Horse
Airi Ban Sheep (x)
Daichi Shijima Monkey (x)
Fumi Kanno Rooster
Makoto Sako Dog
Yuzuru Akie Pig (x)

HakuNoKaemi 11:26, March 11, 2012 (UTC)

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