How long has Mikado actually existed and how?Edit

if the bedrock that mikado is on was formed 25 years prior to smt 4 how has it existed for well over a thousand years? or is this just atlas using nintendo logic?

time flows differently in mikado than in tokyo. one of the samurai you can talk to about mid-game in ueno points this out. Tathra (talk) 09:53, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

I've always thought that godly/angel magic helped establish Mikado, as well as producing records that fake information about it existing for 1000 years. The statue in the Plaza makes mention of years, but during the end-game events (at least in the Neutral route) this information is scrawled out, as if there was something wrong with this information. In the same ending, Hugo talks about things feeling familiar in the bar in Tokyo, as if he once lived in the old world and had his memory altered.

I never saw any reason to suspect any difference in the flow of time, it seemed more like a facade in place. The only evidence I saw - after the internet kept insisting it - was that Mikado and the land around it seems rather green and healthy for a place that maybe had bombs dropped on it, not to mention the question of the rest of the world.

I can't find this NPC now, being end-game, and I must've missed him before. It's a bit awkward when I am not seeing all the hints that everyone else seems to be seeing. Whoops. Tayruu (talk) 11:51, February 8, 2015 (UTC)

It was K who felt Tokyo was familiar, and it's likely because he was the reincarnation of a human from Tokyo. Time flowed different in Tokyo than the rest of the world and the Monastery existed even before the kingdom of Mikado did. A Samurai NPC will even comment his nephew has grown significantly since he returned from Tokyo to Mikado.--JupiterKnight (talk) 14:15, February 8, 2015 (UTC)
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