Takuro Sakakiba (榊葉拓朗, Sakakiba Takurō) is a character from Persona -trinity soul-.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

A classmate of Shin Kanzato who he becomes friends with him shortly after he arrives in Ayanagi City. He is an easy-going individual and sports a distinct afro. His persona awakens when he convinces Shin to try Kagenuki with him, which excites and fascinates him. Despite Shin's reluctance, he pesters him to learn more about persona. Unlike Shin, he struggles to control his persona, often losing his balance and being dragged about by it. But, he resolves to become stronger after encountering Marebito's Soutarou Senou, who taunts him about the death of his close friend. After training on his own and with a reluctant Megumi Kayano, he manages to control it by the end of the series. He admits that some of his lack of control may be because he still fears the power it possesses.

Takuro cares fiercely about his friends and while it is never resolved, he maintains an on-going crush on Megumi Kayano. Part of his strong sense of loyalty comes from the fact that his father abandoned him at a young age during the incident that shook Ayanagi City ten years ago. Like Megumi, he lives in the dormitory run by Noboru Inui.

When his father returns in the later half of the series, Takuro appears to still bear a grudge against him and even admits that if his father wasn't possessing a woman's body, he would have hit him for what he put his family through. However, he accepts his father's apologies and even admits he still has the DVDs of the television show they used to watch together.

He works with Mayuri Yamazaki part time at a clothing store called Sexual Bomber and at the end of the series, it's revealed he goes on to work as a manager there.


Takuro Awakens
Takuro's Persona awakens
Takuro Dorms
Takuro at the dormitory
Takuro Father
Takuro confronts his father
Takuro Work
Takuro at work

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