Takashi Tomari is a character from Aegis: The First Mission.



Takashi Tomari is very warm towards Aigis and it is implied that he has a romantic interest towards her, which prompts Aigis into an inner-conflict with her ability to have emotions and her utility as a weapon. However, Takashi struggles with where he sits in life and went to Yakushima to escape a stressful student life where he feels he has no purpose. He says that Aigis is the one that gives him purpose and is able to soothe this apparent depression.


Aegis TFM takashi shadow

Takashi in shadow form.

Takashi Tomari is a sightseer to Yakushima that meets with Aigis periodically throughout the game.Initially, he finds Aigis washed up on a beach on the 3rd day of the exercise which spurs on their interactions with eachother. He meets with Aigis at several points in the game, however on the 5th day of the exercise, Yuu Kimijima expressly forbids Aigis from meeting with him. Yuu Kimijima remarks that Takashi has a special power that must have allowed him to get close to Aigis. Yuu Kimijima uses this power to transform Takashi into a colossal shadow composed of himself and a number of other smaller shadows. Aigis is forced to fight Takashi at the end of the game, resulting in him being unresponsive. However, Kyouka Sayama later clarifies that Tomari survives the incident with no major injuries. 

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