Taiichi Udo is a character from Persona -trinity soul-.



Taiichi is quiet and sensible, and he is credited as being one of the most intelligent members of Marebito and often serves as the voice of reason to the comparatively more hot-tempered members of the group. Like Soutarou Senou, he does not seem to hold Mareya Kujou in as high regard as some of the other members, but he recognizes his importance.


Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Taiichi does not often engage in combat and is not see consuming any other Persona. During a fight against Shin Kanzato in episode 16, his Persona is severed by Abel. Near the end of the series, he can be seen trying to escape from the Marebito hideout, but he is cornered by Mareya while trying to escape.


Udo Marebito
Udo in the Marebito hideout
Udo Saki
Udo speaking with Saki
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