The Tai-Itsu satellite in orbit.

The Tai-Itsu satellite is a location in Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army.



The Tai-Itsu satellite is a space station designed to relay power to the Soulless God Oumagatsu through the power of the Irie Fudou, a sacred crystal possessing great amounts of spiritual power, taken from the ruins of a shrine in Ginza-Cho.

Upon Sukuna-Hikona's revelations of General Munakata's fate and the true purpose of the Soulless Army Project, the satellite fired its charge of spiritual energy at the Soulless God, powering it up along with the countless Hiruko previously confined at Waden One. The immense war machine, now freely using the power of the Irie Fudou, commenced rampaging across the Capital.


Tai-Itsu firing an energy wave.

Gouto-Douji and one of Raidou's demons, with the help of Dr. Tsukumo, were launched into a rocket to reach the satellite. Once aboard, the demon proceeded to destroy the critical energy core of the satellite, damaging the station to the point it was unable to sustain its orbit and disintegrated in the skies above the Capital. With Tai-Itsu's destruction, the Soulless God was left inoperable and collapsed.

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