Tactics are battle-commands used in the Persona series, starting with Persona 3.

Tactics are used by the player to issue indirect commands to A.I.-controlled party members. Most of the tactics are guidelines for how the player wants the AI to fight, such as to conserve SP or fight with no regard to skill cost or remaining SP, however there are several that are direct commands or are unique to specific characters, such as the "Orgia Mode" tactic for Aigis and Metis in Persona 3.

The Tactics command is at the core of combat in Persona 3, as the player can not directly control party members in battles. Its importance is drastically reduced from Persona 4 onward (including Persona 3 Portable) with the addition of the the "Direct Command" tactic, allowing players to issue specific commands to each party member every turn if they so choose.

List of TacticsEdit

  • Act Freely: Party members will mainly attack enemies, but will heal heavily injured party members and focus on knocking down enemies/finishing those already weakened.
  • Full Assault: Party members will only attack a single enemy until it dies. They will not heal, use support skills, or try to knock down all enemies.
  • Conserve SP: Same as Act Freely, but party members won't use any skills that use SP, except Spirit Drain.
  • Heal/Support: Party members will prioritize healing and using support skills (buffs, debuffs, status skills and breaks). They will only attack if the party is at full HP and all buffs/debuffs/statuses/breaks are set.
  • Direct Commands: Allows the player to directly control party members. Absent in Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES.

Persona 3 specificEdit

  • Knock Down: Party Members will focus on knocking down enemies. They will not heal, use support skills or try to finish already weakened enemies.
  • Same Target: Same as Full Assault, except party members will attack the protagonist's target.
  • Attack Fallen: Same as Full Assault, except party members will attack enemies that are knocked down.
  • Assign Target: Party members will focus on the target and won't attack any other enemies or heal. Reverts to Act Freely once the target is dead.
  • Stand By: Party members will skip their turns - useful if the player is aiming for Shuffle Time.
  • Orgia Mode: Exclusive to Aigis and Metis. Their attack power will double for 3 turns (4 for Metis), after which they will spend 3 turns cooling down. Once Orgia Mode is activated their tactics cannot be changed until they cool down. Reverts to Act Freely after cooling down. All Metis' skill costs are reduced to 0 SP while Orgia Mode is active.
  • Analyze/Full Analyze: Gives the Navigator a command to analyze the enemy. Can also be used by pressing L1 (PS2 version) or L (PSP version)
  • Request Help: Calls members that are not present into battle.
  • Oracle: Instructs Fuuka to use the Oracle skill.

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