TV Quiz Show is a mechanic in Persona 5.



The TV Quiz Show starts every Thursday and can be watched on the TV in Café Leblanc. When watching, the protagonist will be given a chance to answer the question given on the show correctly. If they answer correctly, they'll be rewarded with a point of Knowledge. Watching the show doesn't consume time. There are a total of 11 opportunities to watch the show in Persona 5, making them uncommon.

DateAnswer AAnswer BCorrect
May 19 Make noise to cause neurosis B
May 26 Queen of Evidence A
June 2 Do not pay the salary to the keeper. B
June 9 Event Day
June 16 Event Day
June 23 Order a meal despite being penniless. B
June 30 Event Day
July 7 Event Day
July 14 Event Day
July 21 Event Day
July 28 Event Day
August 4 Use someone else’s car but return it. B
August 11 Event Day
August 18 Event Day
August 25 Event Day
September 1 Event Day
September 8 Event Day
September 15 Event Day
September 22 10 years in prison. A
September 29 Divulging someone’s crimes. A
October 6 Event Day
October 13 Event Day
October 20 Event Day
October 27 Event Day
November 3 Event Day
November 10 You in front of the TV. B
November 17 Event Day
November 24 The chairman decides. A
December 1 Event Day
December 8 Attempted murder. A
December 15 A wanted burglar cannot be free. A
December 22 Event Day

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