Sventovit (スヴェントヴィト, Suventovito) is a demon in the series.

History[edit | edit source]

Svetovid is a god of war, fertility, divination, and abundance who is depicted as having four heads; two heads looking forward, and two looking back. It is also said that the four heads represent the four seasons. He is said to wield a sword or bow in one hand, and a drinking horn in another. He had a white horse who he rode into battle and used for divination, and lived in a temple where he was taken care of by priests. He was depended on by people for victory in battle, merchant travels, and successful harvests.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Majin Tensei II[edit | edit source]

Race Level HP MP Mv Range Mv Type Atk Range MAG
Tenma 82 444 120 8 Walk 1 -
St Ma In Ag Lu Atk P.Def M.Atk M.Def Hit Eva Crt
32 18 28 25 16 180 28 59 97 106 23 18
List of Skills
Skill Power Range Cost Target Effect
Zioraon 88 2 55 MP Single 2x damage to Birds, Aerials, and Machines
Chakram 80 7 M. Extra Multi Same as Zanmaon

Devil Children Fire/Ice Book[edit | edit source]

Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
Common Water Good 52 564 259
52 50 55 51 58 49
List of Skills
Gin no kiri Aquadyne Maelstrom
Icicle Midareuchi Samarecarm
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