Svadhisthana in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner.

Svadhisthana (スワディスターナ, Suwadisutāna)? is the headquarters of the Vanguards in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner. One of many entrances to the Samsara Tunnels is located there, which connects the area to Ajna.



The Embryon journeyed to Svadhisthana in hopes of discovering more about what happened at Ground Zero. What they found was a large number of terrified Vanguard soldiers. After exploring the base and cornering Harley, he transformed into Hayagriva, and they were forced to kill him. By killing Harley, the Embryon effectively annexed the Vanguards tribe's manpower to their own. Afterward, the Embryon and the other remaining tribes are summoned to the Karma Temple by Angel. After returning to the base, they found a large number of "rookies" - newcomers to the Junkyard, unaffiliated with any Tribe - had filled Svadhisthana.

Much later, the Embryon returned here to meet with Lupa, leader of the Wolves, who offered an alliance between the two tribes against the one remaining tribe, the Brutes. Once the truce was made, Lupa led the Embryon into the Samsara Tunnels.

Later, once the Embryon found the Red Key, they broke through a Red Wall into a hidden area underneath the Vanguards Base. This area serves as a prison for Beelzebub, a previous member of the Vanguards who was taken over by his Atma Avatar and was supposed to be sealed off until he died of starvation. After being defeated, Beelzebub flees to the Manipura-Muladhara part of the Samsara Tunnels. The area also contains a Field Hunt with Kusi Mitamas.

Once the Embryon has reached the top floor of the Karma Temple, Feng Huang invades Svadhisthana and devours all Embryon members there, taking over the location.



OnmorakiDemon13034IceFire -Ration
AlpBeast33540 -Elec, Earth -Ration
PretaDemon33616Physical, Fire, Earth - -Ration
SlimeFiend35252Fire, Ice, Earth, ExpelPhysicalDeathChakra Drop
Mou-RyoDemon52144Ice, ExpelEarthFire, Death, FreezeChakra Drop
EmpusaBeast63560Fire -IceChakra Drop / Ice Blast
CockatriceDragon812040Gun, IceForce, Hunt -Ration
Behind the Red Wall
BlobFiend1296128Ice, Earth, ExpelPhysicalDeath - -Dis-Poison / Molotov
ThothBeast27172268DeathPhysicalCharm, Panic, Nerve - -Dis-Stun
Black OozeFiend30268220Elec, Earth, ExpelPhysical -DeathFire, IceBrave Ration
TaownBeast33252232Earth - - -ForcePanacea /
Code Cell
ShiisaaBeast40252444Earth -Expel -ElecPanacea /
Hero Ration
RaijuBeast40280340Force -Death -ElecShock Bomb
Tan-KiDragon42600264Earth, AilmentsPhysical, Hunt,
Ice, Elec
- - -Dis-Stun
Shiki-OujiDemon44336372Fire - -Expel, Death -Logic Cell
OkuninushiEvil44384384Poison, Nerve -Force, Expel, Death - -Theory Cell
Wu KongEvil47288388 - -Physical, Gun, Freeze,
Expel, Death
EarthFireOrganic Cell

Bosses / Compulsory BattlesEdit

Ghoul x2Demon3141Fire, Earth - - - -Ration
CockatriceDragon8048Gun, IceForce, Hunt - - -Ration
Empusa x 2Beast50100Fire -Ice - -Ration
HayagrivaAsura600150Ice -Fire, Expel, Death, Ailments - -Soma Drop
BeelzebubFiend60004400 - -Ice, Elec, Force, Earth, AilmentsExpel, Death -Great Chakra
Feng HuangAerial720065535 -Ice, Elec, ForcePhysical, Gun, Earth, Expel, Death, Ailments -FireDekaja Rock


  • Soma Drop x2
  • Panacea x2
  • Ration x3
  • Chakra Drop x8
  • Revival Bead
  • Charge Shot
  • Ice Blast
  • Revival Gem
  • Blue Key (accessible after defeating Hayagriva)
  • Vital Noise (behind a Blue Wall)
  • Power Noise (behind a Blue Wall)
  • Vital Noise (behind a Yellow Wall)
  • Logic Cell (behind a Red Wall)
  • Luck Noise x 2 (behind a Red Wall)
  • Great Chakra (behind a Red Wall)
  • Layer Cell (behind a Red Wall)
  • Theory Cell (behind a Red Wall)
  • Soma (behind a Red Wall)
  • Al Azif (after defeating Beelzebub)


  • Svadhisthana, or "one's own abode" is the name of the second primary Chakra in Hindu Tantrism.

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