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Suzuki (銀座) Company Ltd. is a location in Megami Tensei II. It is one of the few remaining businesses in Tokyo.


Megami Tensei II[]

Headed by the elderly Mr. Suzuki the company's headquarters are based in Ginza, where he has great influence. The hero can only enter Mr. Suzuki's office if he receives its business card from a man in the same city. Upon visiting the company's president for the first time, he talks about the recent events occurring in the ruins of Tokyo. When the hero goes to the office after recruiting or defeating Lucifer, a security guard stops him, asking if he knows whose office he's going into. If he says 'yes', he'll be teleported to a hidden part of the dungeon. While navigating the area, the hero meets a decapitated head who hints that Mr. Suzuki isn't truly human. Upon reaching a one-way door that leads back into the second basement, Asura ambushes the heroes and forces them into a battle. However, if Lucifer was recruited, he'll return to his true form and join them instead. Entering the office again, the "security guard" will attack the protagonist in an attempt to kill them. After Belphegor's defeat, Mr. Suzuki approaches the heroes and ask if they want a drink. Choosing to request a drink will result in the whole party being paralyzed. Either way, Mr. Suzuki will reveal that he is Satan, embodiment of humanity's sins, and will battle them. Afterwards, if Lucifer was recruited, the room becomes a warp to a hallway leading to YHVH, the true antagonist.

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