Suou's father is a minor character from the Persona 2 duology. He is the father of Katsuya and Tatsuya. In the original versions of both games, he is only mentioned by other characters. He eventually makes his appearance in the additional scenario of the PSP remake of Eternal Punishment. Either way, his first name is never explicitly given in any version.



Innocent SinEdit

According to Chief Togashi and Captain Shimazu, Suou's father was an elite police officer and Togashi's partner 10 years ago until he was investigating the arson attacks and pinpointed Tatsuya Sudou. Because Tatsuya Sudou is the son of Japan's Foreign Minister, Tatsuzou Sudou, he bribed Togashi to frame Suou with a false charge and threw him into jail. This incident greatly depressed the Suou brothers. Tatsuya became introverted and rebellious (in Innocent Sin this is fueled even more because he was stabbed by Tatsuya Sudou and believed Maya Amano was burned to death during the Alaya Shrine attack), while Katsuya abandoned his dream of becoming a pastry chef and became a police officer instead in order to clear his father's name.

Eternal PunishmentEdit

In episode 2, "Lone Shadow 2", Suou's father is seen wearing a security uniform and discussing with Shiori Miyashiro in Aoba Park about her knowledge of his sons and Maya's activities.


  • In Innocent Sin, Suou's father appears as part of Great Father, Nyarlathotep's incarnation of the playable characters' fear of their fathers. However, the part he represents, the bottom left, calls out for Jun Kurosu and uses a wind-elemental spell, and the head which shows Akinari Kashihara's face uses a fire spell, the element represented by Tatsuya.
  • According to Katsuya in Eternal Punishment, his father had back problems.


Great Father
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