"Those lost in life's labyrinth drift here. We are a light shining upon a path into the dismal future. I am the keeper, Sumaru Genie."
—Sumaru Genie, Persona 2: Innocent Sin

The Sumaru Genie refers to both the location and the character that resides in it in Persona 2.



The Sumaru Genie grants fortunes with various effects, lasting for ~20 minutes in-game. In the PSX version, if the game is saved while a fortune is in effect, the timer is reset when the save is loaded, creating a way for players to have a single fortune's effects last through the entire game; this bug was fixed in the PSP version.

Innocent SinEdit

"A husky-voiced fortune teller who knows a lot about rumors. Rumored to be seen sometimes in the parts of the city that come alive at night..."
—Introduction paragraph

The Sumaru Genie is a location in the Kounan Ward filled with Egyptian motifs and paintings on both sides of the wall. It houses the character named after it (or perhaps more accurately, the character it is named after), the Sumaru Genie. She is a non-playable character who functions as a Rumormonger as well as a fortune teller who can tell the fortune of Tatsuya Suou if the player pays 3000 yen.

When the party arrives to talk to her to further the search for information about the Masked Circle, she redirects them to "the man at the Honmaru Park" where they can find more information.

As the game goes on, the Sumaru Genie eventually admits that she is actually an intersex clubber who pretended to tell fortunes and eventually got stuck telling real fortunes due to the power of rumors. She also mentions that she owns a bar and invites Tatsuya to it at the end of the game.

Fortune EffectsEdit

  • The Wheel of Fortune: Raises Luck
  • The Fool: Lowers Luck
  • The Queen of Swords: Doubles experience earned after battle
  • The Moon: Decreases experience earned after battle
  • The Six of Wands: Gain 10% more money after battle
  • The Two of Swords: Gain less money after battle
  • The Magician: Emotion gauges fill in 2 contacts instead of 3
  • The Five of Cups: Emotion gauges require 4 contacts instead of 3 (more chances for the Fool question)
  • Temperance: No Effect

Eternal PunishmentEdit

"A fortune teller with a low voice. Her fortunes haven't been accurate lately. They say her double roams the city at night."
—Introduction paragraph

In Eternal Punishment, however, she notes that due to the rise in popularity of Wang Long fortunes, her fortune telling has stopped working. Later in the game, Maya Amano can spread a rumor that the Sumaru Genie has started using Wang Long instead, making her fortunes work again.

Fortune EffectsEdit

  • Light Dragon: Exp x2, Yen x0.5
  • Black Dragon: Exp x0.5, Yen x2
  • Yellow Dragon: Increases Luck
  • Red Dragon: Increases the chances of mutations occurring
  • Blue Dragon: Reverses demons' personalities
  • Silver Dragon: Emotion gauges require 4 levels rather than 3 (more chances for the Fool question)


  • "Only the light released by this crystal ball of hope can dismiss the dismal feelings you harbor inside. Speak your thoughts to me." (Opening statement)
  • If you wish to peer into your future, return to me. The crystal ball and the cards will be your infallible guides." (Closing statement)


Sumaru Genie P2IS PSP Introduction
The Sumaru Genie's introduction.
The Sumaru Genie Location
The Sumaru Genie, where the Sumaru Genie is located.
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