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Sumaru City (kanji: 珠閒瑠市) is the main setting to the Persona 2 duology. It's a fictional Japanese seaside city, with over 1.28 million people. In Innocent Sin, the player can access 5 total wards as the story progresses, with 1 added later in Eternal Punishment. The name was taken from an in-game historical figure known as Kiyotada Sumaru, a feudal warlord who once ruled the city during the Period Of The Warring States.

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  • Sumaru City is modeled after Yokohama. The names of both Aoba and Konan wards come straight from this city as well.
  • "Sumaru" is altered from "Subaru" (すばる, 昴), the Japanese name for the Pleiades (Seven Sisters) star cluster, a plot device heavily employed in the story.
  • The character "閒" in the name of the city is not a common Japanese kanji. This leads to a common mistake by Japanese players to interpret the character with the similar kanji, "間".
  • The kanji name of the city can be loosely translated "pearl-leisure-jade". The kanji of Kiyotada Sumaru's last name is otherwise written differently as "澄丸".