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The Suit of Wands or Rod (杖, Tsue)? is one of the four Minor Arcana of the Tarot, along with Cups, Swords and Coins. In Tarot, wands relate to the element of Fire, and therefore to emotions such as passion, desire, and ambition. Negative emotions associated with Wands also include pride, anger and violence.


List of Personas[]

Persona 2[]

In the Persona 2 duology, the Suit of Wands, along with the other Minor Arcana suits, refers to a group of Persona that can only be created through mutation; this is, a Persona is granted the Mutation ability, upon completing its moveset will mutate into another Persona, one belonging to one of the four Minor Arcana.

Innocent Sin[]

Persona Level
Budai 10
Shou Sen 25
Quetzalcoatl 40

Eternal Punishment[]

Persona Level
Hotei 16
Nankyoku Roujin 28
Nodens 44
Quetzalcoatl 60

Persona 3[]

In Persona 3, Wands are Shuffle Time cards granting various extra bonuses depending on the drawn card. Drawing a Wand card will grant extra experience after the battle or increase the stats of the equipped persona. The added experience percentage or stat points will vary with the value of the card.

Persona 4 Golden[]

The Minor Arcanas are returned in Shuffle Time, with the Suit of Wands increasing EXP gained, adding up with each increasing value.


Official Artwork
Rod Tarot card.png
The Suit of Wands as it appears in Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Wand 1 P3P.png
Wand 1 card used in Persona 3 Portable
Wand 2 P3P.png
Wand 2 card
Wand 3 P3P.png
Wand 3 card

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