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The Suit of Swords (剣, Ken)? is one of the four Minor Arcana of the Tarot, along with Cups, Wands and Coins. In Tarot, swords relate to the element of Air, to the nobility and military matters. Therefore, these concepts are linked to power, authority and strength, but also responsibility, suffering and violence.


List of Personas

Persona 2

In the Persona 2 duology, the Suit of Swords, along with the other Minor Arcana suits, refers to a group of Personas that can only be created through mutation; on rare occasion, a Persona is granted the Mutation ability upon completing its moveset, which allows it to mutate into a Persona belonging to one of the four Minor Arcana.

Innocent Sin

Persona Level
Cu Chulainn 40
Arthur 55
Futsuno Mitama 70

Eternal Punishment

Persona Level
Kanshou 24
Cu Chulainn 48
Arthur 56
Futsuno Mitama 72

Persona 3

In Persona 3, Swords are Shuffle Time cards granting various extra bonuses depending on the drawn card. When a Sword card is drawn, an extra weapon will be granted at the end of the battle. The weapon's power level is dictated by the value of the card. Also, Heart Items are shown as King Sword cards.

Persona 4 Golden

Swords are Shuffle Time rewards. When drawn, a Sword will give you a Skill Card which can then be used to bestow the skill on one of the Protagonist's Personas or taken to Marie to be copied. The power of the skill depends on the value of the card.


Official Artwork

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