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These are the status changes in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. They can be healed with skills or items.

Status Effect Inflict Remove
TMS DeathIcon.pngKO'd User faints, and HP is locked to 0, preventing it from being modified by regular healing skills. User's HP is depleted to 0
TMS PoisonIcon.pngPoison Characters lose HP slowly on the field until removed or until the target reaches 1 HP. Poison Shot
Poison Shot
Poison Breath
Healthy Relationship
Angelic Wish
Cat's Eye
Crazy Circus
TMS ConfuseIcon.pngConfuse Allies attack one of their own party members, do nothing, or drop money to the other party. Mind Smash
Dazing Shot
Pastel Power
Straight Shooter
The Labyrinth
TMS CharmIcon.pngCharm Attacks allies or uses healing skills on the enemy if available. Luring Shot
Sexy Dance
Feel My Soul
One-Sided Love
Icy Smile
Pastel Power
Mind Surge Characters slowly lose EP on the field until removed or until the target reaches 1 EP. Mind Surge
TMS SleepIcon.pngSleep Party member is unable to take any actions. Sleep Song
Cinderella Night
TMS SealIcon.pngSeal Unable to use magic element skills. Makajamaon
Back Chorus
Sword Hand Twitches
TMS UnconsciousIcon.pngUnconscious Characters may not move during their turn nor performe any actions Pastel Power
Raging Stampede
TMS ZombieIcon.pngZombie Allies attack one of their own party members and spread the ailment to others upon attacking Zombie Bite

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