This is a list of Status Changes and effects in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.

Only one non-bind ailment can be on a unit at a time. All three binds can be on a unit at once, as well as one other ailment. If a new ailment-causing skill is used while an old one is still in effect, the new ailment overwrites the old one (if it hits).

List of AilmentsEdit

Status Effect Inflict Remove
Sleep File:Sleep Icon PQ2.png Cannot act and takes extra damage. Wakes up when hit. Dream Needle, Sleeper Punch, Sleep Strike, Dormina, Lullaby Song, Sleep Circle, Dream Slice*, Bunny Slumber*, Saint Aura* Amrita, Patra, Me Patra, Pure Memento, Refresh, Healing Harp, Oratorio, Purifying Rain
Confusion File:Confusion Icon PQ2.png Cannot dodge or use skills, and will attack random targets, including itself or allies. Headbutt, Brain Shake, Pulinpa, Tentarafoo, Confusion Circle,
Paralysis File:Paralysis Icon PQ2.png Randomly unable to act. Can't dodge. Stun Circle, Stunning Slice*, Shibaboo*, Binding Cry*
Poison File:Poison Icon PQ2.png Take damage at the end of every turn Poison Skewer, Death Needle, Poisma, Poison Breath, Poison Circle
Hex File:Hex Icon PQ2.png After it attacks, it takes damage equal to half the damage it inflicted. Silent Thrust, Calm Blade, Evil Touch, Evil Smile
Petrification File:Petrification Icon PQ2.png Cannot move or act, takes decreased damage. Persistent. No EXP gain. Stona*, Stone Mist*
Strength Bind File:Strength Bind Icon PQ2.png Normal attack damage reduced, unable to use physical skills Arm Chopper, Arm Crusher, Disarm, Salome's Kiss, Sleuth Insight, Detective's Ban, Ariadne Chain, Decay Circle, Thorn Cuffs*, Crushing Strike*, Muscle Down*, Absolute Power* Amrita, Mutudi, Mamutudi, Free Memento, Healing Harp, Oratorio, Purifying Rain, End of battle
Magic Bind File:Magic Bind Icon PQ2.png Magic stat halved, unable to use elemental skills Holy Touch, Saint's Touch, Makajam, Salome's Kiss, Sleuth Insight, Detective's Ban, Ariadne Chain, Silence Circle, Crushing Strike*, Silent Song*
Agility Bind File:Agility Bind Icon PQ2.png Hit rate halved, unable to escape or dodge, acts far later in the turn. Leg Reaper, Achilles Reaper, Scarecrow, Salome's Kiss, Sleuth Insight, Detective's Ban, Ariadne Chain, Thorn Shackle*, Sabaton Slice*, Crushing Strike*, Spiderweb*, Frost Aura*
Down File:Down Icon PQ2.png Unable to act or dodge for a turn. Critical hit, exploit weakness, Megaton Press* End of turn
KO File:KO Icon PQ2.png Unable to act. Persistent. No EXP gain. 0 HP, Hama/Mudo spells Recarm, Samarecarm, Yomi Return, Revival Bead, Balm of Life

Note: * Indicates enemy-exclusive skills.

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