Status Effects in Persona 4 Arena are similar to their Persona 4 and Persona 3 incarnations but shifted slightly to match the fighting game style.

They are inflicted by getting hit with a move that has it's properties with the exceptions of Negative Penality and Orgia Mode, which have their own special conditions. To cure ailments, the ailed has to hit their opponent or wait for them to wear off. In the case of freeze, the frozen victim can simply mash out to break free. In addition, Status Effects can stack if the character can inflict different ailments like Elizabeth and Teddie can. Also, Aigis is immune to all the other Status Effects with the exception of Negative Penalty when she is in Orgia Mode.

Status AilmentsEdit

Status Effect Inflict
Poison Character sustains damage over time.

Yosuke: Throw
Teddie: Mystery Food X and Puppeteddie (C)
Elizabeth: Shuffle Time (50-99 SP) and Crouching D

Panic Left and right on character's joystick are reversed.

Yosuke: Tentarafoo
Teddie: Amagiya Buckets
Elizabeth: Shuffle Time (150 SP)


Character receives Fatal Counters when hit and cannot break grabs.

Teddie: Puppeteddie (D)
Naoto: Anti-S SP Pistol 
Elizabeth: Shuffle Time (100-149 SP), Ghastly Wail, Crouching C and Jumping and Standing D


Blocking is disabled but damage is increased.

Teddie: Teddie Decoy, Puppeteddie (SB), and Muscle Drink


Certain system attacks and attacks involving Persona cannot be used.

Naoto: Anti-S SP Pistol α

Shock All normal movement options are unavailable.

Yu: Zio (SB)
Kanji: What a Pain!, This'll Hurt! (SB), and D attacks
Teddie: Ball Lighting
Akihiko: Thunder Fists and Maziodyne
Elizabeth: Maziodyne (SB)

Charm Character's SP is stolen.

Mitsuru: Marin Karin (Crouching C)
Elizabeth: Shuffle Time (0-49 SP)

Frozen Character is trapped in ice until hit or broken free.

Mitsuru: Bufula, Bufudyne, Mabufudyne and D attacks
Teddie: Dry Ice
Elizabeth: Mabufudyne

Negative Penalty Damage against character is upscaled. Character is playing too defensively and rarely takes offensive actions, commonly due to backdashing too much.
Orgia Mode Temporarily increases speed and damage output, gives immunity to other Status Effects and allows access to certain moves unique to Orgia Mode. Turns into Overheat if Orgia Gauge is fully depleted. Aigis only.

Aigis: Escape Change, Mode Change

Overheat Damage received is increased, and Orgia Mode will be unusable until the Orgia Gauge is fully replenished. Aigis only.

Fully depleted Orgia Gauge.

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