Unlike Persona 3, Persona 4 does not have status conditions when traversing the Midnight Channel. Characters do not get Tired and several status conditions have also been removed. In Persona 4 Golden, Confusion has been renamed to Panic but retains the same effect.

In addition, the items Hiranya and Amrita Soda cure all ailments except Down. The skills Amrita and Salvation have the same effect as an Amrita Soda, except Salvation also restores all HP to all allies.

Status Effect Inflict Remove
Poison Characters lose 10% of their max HP at the start of every turn. Stops when the affected character/enemy has only about 10% of their total HP left. All outgoing damage is halved. Poisma, Poison Mist, Poison Arrow, Blight, Virus Wave Posumudi, Dokudami Tea
Silence Characters cannot use Persona abilities; protagonist cannot change Persona. Silenced enemies may waste turns by trying to use skills. Muzzle Shot, Makajam, Foolish Whisper, Seal Bomb Mutudi, Mouthwash
Confusion / Panic Affected targets can attack one of their own allied party members, do nothing, or forfeit money to the other party. If a weakness is hit when attacking an ally, it will not grant a One More. Pulinpa, Tentarafoo, Skull Cracker, Mind Slice Patra, Me Patra, Sedative
Rage Characters attack enemies automatically with increased attack power but halved accuracy and defense. Balzac, Valiant Dance, Hysterical Slap, Crazy Chain Patra, Me Patra, Sedative
Fear Characters are paralyzed with fear - either forfeits turn or withdraws from battle. Becomes 100% susceptible to Ghastly Wail. Evil Touch, Evil Smile, Arm Chopper, Atom Smasher Patra, Me Patra, Sedative
Exhaustion Characters lose SP on every turn (stops when affected character/enemy has only about 10% of total SP left). Damage taken is increased by 50%. Soul Break, Anima Freeze, Brain Shake, Navas Nebula Nervundi, Energy Shower, Royal Jelly
Enervation All of a character's stats are halved. Affected character will be unable to follow through with skills. Enervation, Old One, Cell Breaker, Mustard Bomb Nervundi, Energy Shower, Royal Jelly
Down Affected characters take increased damage, cannot evade, and are exposed to attacks that may cause Dizziness. Hit by weakness or critical, miss a melee physical attack Re Patra, Stimulant, cured automatically when it's the character's turn
Dizzy Characters lose a turn. Hit by weakness or critical (100% chance) or regular attack (50% chance) while knocked down Re Patra, Stimulant

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