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Yukari Takeba feeling "Tired" in battle.

This is a list of Status Changes in Persona 3, FES, Portable and Persona 3 Reload.

Some of the status changes listed are unlike status changes in other Shin Megami Tensei games. The different status changes are divided into Conditions, which affect combat and daily life, and Status Effects, which are primarily combat related. A character is always in one of the four conditions, and can be affected by a status effect at the same time.


Conditions only appear in Persona 3, FES and Portable, and are not applicable in Persona 3 Reload.

Condition Remarks
Great This condition marks that a character is performing above normal.
It can be obtained by napping in class on certain days, sleeping early at night, using the restroom while in Good condition or getting the 10,000 yen fortune at the shrine. A character who is doing Great will have higher accuracy, an increased critical rate and will take longer to become Tired.

In Persona 3 FES, the protagonist can pray at the shrine and may get a larger Academics stat boost if he is in Great condition. Characters other than the protagonist are in "Great" condition only on fixed days, most commonly the first day they join the party.

Good This is the default condition.
All properties are normal while in Good condition.
Tired This condition marks that a character is performing below average.
A character becomes tired after Full Moon Operations or by participating in too many battles. The protagonist can become Tired if they study without sleeping too many times in a row or by drawing the "very worst luck" fortune at the shrine. While Tired, a character is more likely to miss, takes more damage, has trouble recovering when knocked down and will leave the party if taken to the first floor of Tartarus. The protagonist can visit Mr. Edogawa to receive a bonus to Courage. This condition can be cured by sleeping earlier or randomly by using the bathroom or, in P3P, by using a Yawn-B-Gone. Characters other than the protagonist will recover in a day or two of not visiting Tartarus. Tired characters won't want to go to Tartarus.
Sick This is the lowest condition.
A Sick character takes a longer time to recover from being knocked down, will be more susceptible to status changes and the protagonist cannot study at night. Also all stats, attacks and spell effects are lowered significantly. They can still visit Mr. Edogawa during the day. This status changes to Good if the character sleeps early. Characters other than the protagonist will return to Good after roughly a week of not visiting Tartarus. Sick characters can still go to Tartarus in Sick condition, but they will get tired fast.
  • When the protagonist is tired, they will receive a bonus to Courage if they visit the nurse's office when Tired or Sick. This action takes no time whatsoever in-game, so players should take advantage of this to increase their Courage more quickly.
  • In Persona 3, characters do not get tired on days before the full-moon and in FES, if a party member gets tired on the day before the full-moon, they will not return home after returning to the entrance of Tartarus.

Status Effects[]

Persona 3[]

Status Effect Inflict Remove
Poison 30% of max HP damage at the end of every turn until the target reaches 1 HP. Characters also lose HP slowly on the field until removed. Poisma, Poison Mist, Virus Breath, Poison Arrow Posumudi, Dis-Poison, Amrita
Charm Odds of either forfeiting their turn, attacking allies or using curative skills on the enemy if available. Marin Karin, Sexy Dance, Holy Arrow Charmdi, Dis-Charm, Amrita
Panic Prevent from casting spells or summoning a Persona, and odds of being hit by a critical attack slightly increase. Pulinpa, Tentarafoo Patra, Me Patra, Amrita
Rage Attacks enemy automatically, get 2 turns and increased attack power, but reduced accuracy and defense. Provoke, Infuriate Enradi, Dis-Rage, Amrita
Fear Odds of either forfeiting turn or withdrawing from battle. Odds of being hit by a critical hit greatly increased. Evil Touch, Evil Smile, Pralaya Patra, Me Patra, Amrita
Distress Evasion reduced to 0, odds of being hit by a critical attack increased and reduced defense. Odds of being hit by Light/Darkness spells increases. Bewilder, Eerie Sound, Player Advantage (only if the enemy's level is much lower than the party's) Patra, Me Patra, Amrita
Down Knocked down and cannot evade, defense significantly decreased. Recovering from "Down" takes a turn, but characters recover from "Down" on the same turn in Persona 3 Portable. Hit by weakness or critical; miss a melee physical attack (unless using a bow or a gun) Re Patra, Receiving an attack (vanilla and FES), Recovers after one turn
Freeze Evasion reduced to 0. Odds of being hit by a critical attack increase. Ice elemental skills (Niflheim with 100% chance) Cured after one turn
Shock Evasion reduced to 0. Odds of being hit by a critical attack increase in Persona 3 and are guaranteed in FES and Portable (Slash/Strike/Pierce Attack only). Electricity elemental skills (Thunder Reign with 100% chance) Cured after one turn
Dizzy Persona 3 Portable only. Same effects as "Down" and characters lose a turn. Hit by weakness or critical (100% chance) or regular attack (50% chance) while knocked down. Re Patra

Persona 3 Reload[]

In Reload, critical hits are more likely to occur against combatants with ailments. This is increased further with Mitsuru Kirijo's battle characteristics Ailment Burst and Ailment Surge when she is in the party.

Status Effect Inflict Remove
Down Unable to evade. Damage taken will increase. Chance of getting Dizzy when attacked while Down. Higher chance of getting Dizzy when attacked with a weapon. Hit by weakness or critical
Jack Brothers
Baisudi, Mabaisudi
Unable to move. Will take critical hits more often. Hit by weakness or critical (100% chance) or regular attack (50% chance) while knocked down. Baisudi, Mabaisudi
Take damage after each turn (20% of max HP). Cannot recover naturally, so a skill or item will need to be used. Poisma, Poison Mist, Virus Breath, Poison Arrow Posumudi, Dis-Poison, Baisudi, Mabaisudi, Amrita, Salvation
Unable to move. Landing a physical attack will result in a critical hit. Ice elemental skills Baisudi, Mabaisudi, Salvation
When hit
Unable to move. Electricity elemental skills Baisudi, Mabaisudi, Salvation
Attack allies or buff/heal enemy at random. Marin Karin, Sexy Dance, Holy Arrow Patra, Me Patra, Charmdi, Dis-Charm, Amrita, Salvation
Throw away money or use items randomly. Pulinpa, Tentarafoo Patra, Me Patra, Amrita, Salvation
Attack increases while defense and accuracy decrease. Will attack enemies unprompted. Provoke, Infuriate Patra, Me Patra, Enradi, Dis-Rage, Amrita, Salvation
High chance of ignoring commands. May try to escape battle unprompted. Evil Touch, Evil Smile, Pralaya Patra, Me Patra, Amrita, Salvation
Attack decreases. Will be unable to evade. Bewilder, Eerie Sound, Shock Noise Patra, Me Patra, Amrita, Salvation
When hit
Orgia ModeP3R
Orgia Mode
Exclusive to Aigis in the main game and Metis in Episode Aigis - The Answer. Increases attack and defense but will automatically attack unprompted. Physical skills do not consume HP if used. Cannot be knocked down. Lasts for 3 turns and turns into Overheat at the end of the third turn. Orgia Mode Incurable
Exclusive to Aigis in the main game and Metis in Episode Aigis - The Answer. Unable to move for one turn. Orgia Mode Incurable

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