The Status Changes of Megami Ibunroku Persona and its PSP remake are rather particular in comparison to other Persona games. There are two types of conditions: temporary, which are only effective for a certain number of turns and can be stacked, and permanent, that last through the battle and must be cured with spells or items but not necessarily carry over to after the battle.

Temporary ConditionsEdit

Status Icon Effect Stacked Effect Inflict
Happy Happy Icon P1 Overjoyed, may not follow orders. Character becomes non-functional. Defense drops. Hapirma, Happy Dance
Freeze Freeze Icon P1 Unable to move. Weak to Elec. Evasion against Physical dropped to 0. Weakness to electricity increases. Fire skills hasten recovery. Secondary effect of all Ice skills
Shock Shock Icon P1 Unable to move. Weak to Ice. Evasion against Physical dropped to 0. Weakness to ice increases. Secondary effect of all Elec skills
Panic Panic Icon P1 Will act unpredictably. May move to another position. Pulinpa, Panic Voice
Charm Charm Icon P1 Will attack allies. Damage dealt to allies increases. Marin Karin, Candy Voice, Sexy Dance
Bind Bind Icon P1 Unable to do anything. None Shibaboo, Bind Voice
Sleep Sleep Icon P1 Defense decreases Defense decreases further. Physical attacks hasten recovery. Dormina, Lullaby
Unlucky Unlucky Icon P1 Reduces Luck and evasion rate against luck-based skills. Luck drops further, eventually reaching zero. Slumpa, Hula of Misfortune
Mute Mute Icon P1 Chance of failure in using a Persona. Failure rate raises, eventually to 100%. Even if it works, damage is reduced. Makajam, Tango of Dispelling
Guilt Guilt Icon P1 Due to weight of guilt, certain attacks cannot be performed. Character eventually becomes non-functional. Guilt Eyes, Waltz of Sadness
Blind Blind Icon P1 Hit and evasion rate dropped. Rates drop further. Eventually unable to do anything SP-consuming Delyte, Fog Breath
Fear Terror Icon P1 May flee from battle Chances of fleeing increases Terror Eyes, Frenzy Song

Temporary skills cannot be cured by items, but can be cured by the same skills: Patra, Pen Patra, Balzac, Mador and Wolvaan.

Permanent ConditionsEdit

Status Icon Effect Inflict
Poison Poison Icon P1 Attack halved. Loses 1/6 of HP per turn and 1 HP per 2 steps. Poisma, Poison Breath, Venom Claw, Toxic Sting
Paralyze Paralyze Icon P1 Unable to do anything. SP slowly decreases. Paral Eyes, Passionate Kiss, Demon's Kiss, Evil Smile, Paralama, Stun Claw, Stun Needle, Stun Bite
Stone Stone Icon P1 Unable to move or dodge. Defense lowered. Petra Eyes, Petrama, Stone Claw, Stone Bite
Sick Sick Icon P1 Loses 1/8 of HP per turn and per 4 steps. Nervma, Virus Claw, Virus Bite
Cloak Cloak Icon P1 Can't be directly affected by enemies. Defense lowered. Cannot summon Persona. Doronpa
Fury Fury Icon P1 Attack and hit rate raised. Cannot be controlled and will attack with weapon. Balzac
Puppet Puppet Icon P1 Can control a K.O-ed ally. Puppet can attack and use items, but not skills. Doroid
Berserk Berserk Icon P1 Magical Attack and hit rate raised. Cannot be controlled and will attack with skills. Mador
Counter Counter Icon P1 Automatically performs a counter when hit. Quikka
Beast Beast Icon P1 Synchronizes stats with Moon Phase. The fuller, the stronger. Wolvaan