The Status Changes of Megami Ibunroku Persona and its PSP remake are rather particular in comparison to other Persona games. There are three types of conditions: light, severe, and good.

Light ConditionsEdit

Light conditions will normally only last for one turn, but their duration can be extended by up to 3 turns if a character is hit by another move that inflicts the same ailment. If the duration is extended, it will be represented by a number beside the icon above the character's head, which indicates the amount of turns needed for a full recovery. For most conditions, stacking the number of turns will also increase the condition's negative effects. Any light condition can be overwritten by other light conditions, regardless of the number of stacked turns. Similarly, they can be overwritten by any severe or good conditions.

Light conditions can also be cured by the Patra and Pen Patra skills as well as the Slick Drop and Turtle Candy items. Patra/Slick Drop will cure a single character's light conditions regardless of the number of stacked turns, however Pen Patra/Turtle Candy, despite affecting the entire party, will only cure a character's condition if there are no stacked turns. If there are stacked turns, Pen Patra/Turtle Candy will reduce the condition's duration by 1 turn.

Status Icon Effect Stacked Effect Inflict
Happy Happy Icon P1 Character becomes overjoyed and may ignore orders. Increased chance of ignoring orders. Defense goes down. Hapirma, Happy Dance
Freeze Freeze Icon P1 Cannot act or dodge attacks. Takes increased damage from Elec skills.
Fire skills grant instant recovery.
Weakness to Elec increases. Secondary effect of all Ice skills
Shock Shock Icon P1 Cannot act or dodge attacks.
Takes increased damage from Ice skills.
Weakness to Ice increases. Secondary effect of all Elec skills
Panic Panic Icon P1 Chance of attacking allies, moving to another position, or doing nothing. Increased chance of attacking allies or moving. Pulinpa, Panic Voice
Charm Charm Icon P1 Will attack allies. Damage dealt to allies increases. Marin Karin, Candy Voice, Sexy Dance
Bind Bind Icon P1 Cannot act. None Shibaboo, Bind Voice
Sleep Sleep Icon P1 Cannot act. Defense goes down.
Physical attacks grant instant recovery.
Defense decreases further. Dormina, Lullaby
Unlucky Unlucky Icon P1 Luck parameter goes down. Luck drops further. Slumpa, Hula of Misfortune
Mute Mute Icon P1 Chance of failure in using a Persona.
Even if it works, damage is reduced.
Failure rate raises, eventually to 100%. Makajam, Tango of Dispelling
Guilt Guilt Icon P1 Due to the weight of guilt, character cannot attack with weapon or gun. Other actions cannot be performed. Guilt Eyes, Waltz of Sadness
Blind Blind Icon P1 Hit and evasion rate dropped. Rates drop further. Delyte, Fog Breath
Fear Terror Icon P1 May flee from battle. Chances of fleeing increases.
If all party members run away from battle, it results in a Game Over.
Terror Eyes, Frenzy Song

Severe ConditionsEdit

A severe condition will not go away after a turn and will instead last throughout the fight. Despite that, they do not necessarily carry over to after a battle. They do not stack and can overwrite any kind of light condition, but cannot be overwritten themselves. Also unlike light conditions, each severe condition has a specific item and healing spell for them.

Status Icon Effect Inflict Healed by
Poison Poison Icon P1 Attack halved. Loses 1/6 of HP per turn in battle and 1 HP per 2 steps in a dungeon. Poisma, Poison Breath, Venom Claw, Toxic Sting Dis-Poison, Posumudi, Posumudi Stone
Paralyze Paralyze Icon P1 Cannot act or dodge.
SP decreases every turn.
Paral Eyes, Passionate Kiss, Demon's Kiss, Evil Smile, Paralama, Stun Claw, Stun Needle, Stun Bite End of battle, Dis-Para, Paraladi, Paraladi Stone
Stone Stone Icon P1 Cannot act or dodge.
Defense lowered and becomes more susceptible to critical hits.
Petra Eyes, Petrama, Stone Claw, Stone Bite End of battle, Dis-Stone, Petradi, Petradi Stone
Sick Sick Icon P1 Loses 1/8 of HP per turn in battle and per 4 steps in a dungeon. Nervma, Virus Claw, Virus Bite Dis-Sick, Nervundi, Nervundi Stone

Good ConditionsEdit

Good conditions are positive status changes that are inflicted either by the own character or a party member. They can overwrite light conditions but cannot be overwritten or stack. They are cured by using the same spell on the affected character a second time.

Despite its status as a negative condition in the following games of the series, Fury is considered a good condition in Megami Ibunroku Persona and does not come with a defense demerit.

Status Icon Effect Inflict
Cloak Cloak Icon P1 Cannot be selected by single-target attacks but can still be affected by area skills.
Defense lowered and cannot summon Persona.
Fury Fury Icon P1 Attack and hit rate raised by 1.5.
Cannot be controlled and will attack with weapon.
Puppet Puppet Icon P1 Can control a K.O-ed ally.
Puppet can attack and use items, but not skills.
Berserk Berserk Icon P1 Magical Attack and hit rate raised by 1.5.
Cannot be controlled and will attack with skills.
Counter Counter Icon P1 Automatically performs a counter when hit. Quikka
Beast Beast Icon P1 All parameters are either increased or lowered, depending on the current moon phase. If a parameter is already maxed out at 99, it can go over this limit and be increased further.
  • FULL Moon: +25%
  • 7/8 Moon: +18.75%
  • 6/8 Moon: +12.5%
  • 5/8 Moon: +6.25%
  • HALF Moon: No change
  • 3/8 Moon: -6.25%
  • 2/8 Moon: -12.5%
  • 1/8 Moon: -18.75%
  • NEW Moon: -25%

Other ConditionsEdit

Hama and MudoEdit

When a character is hit by a Hama or Mudo spell, they will take damage equal to a specific amount of their maximum HP depending on their resistance to those elements. The character will then lose the same amount of health at the end of every turn. This "condition" will last until either the character dies and is revived or the battle ends.

A character weak to Expel (Hama) or Death (Mudo), when hit by those spells, will lose 50% of their maximum HP and then another 50% at the end of the turn. This would normally result in a one-turn kill, however, if the character's maximum HP is an odd number, they can survive the turn with 1 HP if they were at maximum health and weren't hit by any other attack. For example, a character with 101 HP will lose 50 HP when hit by the spell and then another 50 HP at the end of the turn, surviving with 1 HP.

Resistance Health Lost
Weak 50%
Neutral 12.5%
Resist 6.25%
Drain 0

Kouha and EihaEdit

Kouha and Eiha spells deal regular damage. A character hit by one of those spells will then lose a specific amount of their current HP at the end of every turn. This "condition" will last until either the character dies and is revived or the battle ends.

If a character only has 1 HP, they will not lose any health at the end of the turn. This is because the game doesn't work with fractions when it comes to HP and will always round down, so it will interpret "half of 1 HP" as "0 HP". This won't stop the character from losing HP if their health is restored.

If a character who drains Expel (Kouha) or Death (Eiha) is hit by those spells, they will gain a healing factor.

Resistance Health Lost
Weak 50%
Neutral 12.5%
Resist 6.25%
Drain 12.5% healing factor

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