Stan is a character who appears in Shin Megami Tensei IV DEMONIC GENE.



Shin Megami Tensei IV DEMONIC GENEEdit

Stan is a Samurai fascinated by mystic relics and had been going through Naraku to search for all the relics he can find. He had stashed them in the same safe room that Walter ends up burning earlier. He had been researching the relics and desired to see the Tokyo that was kept secret by the Monastery, being willing to get caught if he learned about it. Sure enough he was eventually caught for his actions and imprisoned.

He attempts to bug Walter by stabbing at the wall as revenge for Walter destroying all the relics he had collected. Revealing his knowledge of Tokyo to Walter and that it is likely below Naraku's lower stratum, both him and Walter go together while the Casualries rebel against the Luxurors. He convinces Walter to let him come with him, and uses his knowledge of Naraku's layout to guide them both to the bottom levels. He is knocked out during the battle with the Minotaur and wakes up afterwards, where the two gaze upon Tokyo.

He is later caught by the Ashura-kai and meets Tayama. After Yuriko dies he can be seen scrambling around, where he catches a damaged gauntlet and is overyjoyed at having one, and sees that Tayama is ragged from his encounter with Gina and the possessed Walter.

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