Masahiro Sakurai, better known as Spooky, is the founder and leader of the Spookies.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

He's one of the most mature members of the group, described by Hitomi as a selfless man who cares about the members.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Spooky is the one who initially provided the means to hack into the Paradigm X's beta registration. He sends a message to the Spookies that their HQ has been moved to the South Parking Garage in Shibahama.

He found the gun-type PC (GUMP) in a junk shop. When bringing it back to HQ, he remarks that "suspicious people" have been following him since he acquired it; leaving the GUMP with the protagonist and Hitomi, he decides to investigate the origins of the strange computer at the Algon NS Building. After Nemissa possesses Hitomi, Spooky contacts them after getting attacked by Carol J's demons. They find him in a storeroom in the Algon NS Building.

Spooky later contacts them after beating Finnegan's demons in Amami Airport and tells them to come back, informing them of the deal he's made with EL-115's Reticulians to improve the software in the GUMP. He is able to turn the power back on in the Auto Plant where Moowis is hiding so the Spookies can see; however, this attracts demonic presence.

When Six is found catatonic after playing Paradigm X, Spooky and Lunch watch over him while the protagonist and Nemissa rescue him in VR Haunted Mansion. After Six recovers and they return to HQ, Spooky hears someone outside the trailer. They find Mayone, an assassin from the Phantom Society who intended eliminate them with plastique explosives. Six arrives and discovers the explosives she placed at the fuel tanks. Spooky orders the protagonist, Hitomi, and Lunch to evacuate while they try to disarm the bombs. They managed to get out with the trailer just in time, with Six having thrown the explosives off. With the garage wrecked, they move the hideout to the Yurashima Depot.

When the protagonist learns from Sukeroku about the Krypto Chip being a link to the mysterious illness throughout Amami City, Spooky asks Lunch to disassemble the Krypto Chip he had removed from their PC to study it. The discovery of a strange, organic orb in the processor die (and Nemissa and Yu-ichi seeing a pink ethereal insect flying out of it) prompts them to infiltrate Algon Microelectronics. Upon learning information from Lunch's father about the chip and getting access to the central database, Spooky hacks into AlgonSoft's databases to find the Krypto Chip documentation. It reveals that the chip is used to harvest and traffic human souls across computer networks for the Phantom Society, resulting in the sporadic illness throughout the city.

Their attempts to leak the secret behind the chip is thwarted when a news broadcast lists the members of the Spookies as cyberterrorists. Spooky himself is noticeably absent from this list, and a message from Kadokura "congratulates" him on helping him out the terrorists and suggests they have a drink later. The others accuse Spooky of selling out; when pressed on how Kadokura knows him, Spooky reveals he was working as an AlgonSoft contract programmer, both to finance Spookies operations and to investigate the company from the inside. This results in Six, Lunch, and Yu-ichi leaving, with the protagonist and Hitomi deciding whether to stay or leave with them.

If the protagonists stays with Spooky, they then see Kinap in the guise of a vulture on the PC. After the protagonist completes the third Vision Quest, Spooky reveals his next plan: uploading a virus he wrote into Paradigm X in order to sabotage AlgonSoft's computer network. The upload is halted at the last minute by Kadokura, who taunts him. His transmission is suddenly disrupted by server instability, which Nemissa takes as a cue to infiltrate the main offices while they're distracted, only find a barrier around the building. Upon returning to HQ, Spooky concludes that something happened to disable their defenses.

While the protagonist infiltrates the building through the connection in Paradigm X, Spooky is later captured by the Phantom Society and taken to the Amami Monolith, along with Six and Lunch. Nemissa realizes upon returning that a brainwashed Yu-ichi was the real traitor. They rescue the other two and convince them that Spooky is innocent. They eventually find him on the roof of the monolith, where he was possessed by Satanael who intends to finish the Phantom Society's work. The protagonist and Nemissa are forced to kill Spooky in order to stop Satanael. As he is dying, he thanks them for stopping him from being used by the demon, and bids farewell to the protagonist, Hitomi, and Nemissa.

In the PlayStation and 3DS versions, it is possible to save Spooky during a New Game Plus. To do this, the protagonist must answer "I don't know" to Madame Ginko's inquiry during their meeting, and later side with Spooky after Kadokura's e-mail. If the conditions are met, Spooky will survive the battle with Satanael, and is recovered by Rei Reiho. In the epilogue, he will disband the Spookies himself and goes on to find a meaning in his life.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Spooky's name, profession, status and design is inspired from the character of Fox Mulder in the long-running sci-fi series The X-Files. Mulder's nickname, bestowed upon him by his colleagues, is Spooky.
  • He is one of the bidders at the Devil Auction in the Devil Survivor games.

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