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SEES Badge

The brassard worn by members of SEES

"A group devoted to defeating Shadows. Under the guise of a school club, they wield their Personas."
Persona 3 FES Dictionary Entry

The Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, (特別課外活動部, Tokubetsu Kagai Katsudou-bu)?, known as the Special Extracurricular Execute Sector in the Japanese version and ultimately shortened to SEES, is an extracurricular after-school club for Persona users at Gekkoukan High School in Persona 3.



Persona 3[]

The Journey[]

Main article: Social Link/SEES
"Such a pity... You understand fate, yet you still fight against it with all of your will... If more people were like you, then perhaps the Fall could have been prevented... but it's too late now."
—Nyx Avatar talking about SEES, Persona 3

While the school sponsors them and lists them as a school club, their true purpose is to eliminate the Shadows and investigate both Tartarus and the Dark Hour. Their advisor is Shuji Ikutsuki and Mitsuru Kirijo functions as the club leader. The protagonist or the female protagonist ends up leading the club in many instances due to their unique abilities. Other than Ikutsuki, all the members of SEES are Persona users. Additionally, all the members are students at Gekkoukan, other than Ken Amada and Koromaru, though Shinjiro Aragaki is on an extended leave of absence due to guilt over killing Ken's mother. After school, they stay at a Iwatodai Dormitory. SEES is also backed up by the Kirijo Group, as well as certain members of the police such as Kurosawa, providing them access to anti-Shadow technology and weapons.

Unknown to the rest of SEES, Ikutsuki is loyal to Kouetsu Kirijo's desire to cause the Fall, and tricks them into reuniting twelve Arcana Shadows with Death to facilitate this. By the time SEES discovers his true colors, Death has reformed and is mere months away from summoning Nyx. This results in a month of uncertainty as they have no idea what to fight, and then another month of recovering from Ryoji Mochizuki's revelation of what exactly they are up against. Ryoji, the form Death took upon being freed from the protagonist, offers to erase their memories of the Dark Hour if they kill him.

If the protagonist takes Ryoji up on his offer, the Fall is delayed to early March but is rendered completely inevitable. If the protagonist refuses, SEES fights Nyx on January 31st and manage to stop the Fall, erasing the Dark Hour in the process. However, only Aigis and the protagonist remember until March 5th, and their victory comes at the cost of the protagonist, who became the Great Seal and barely manages to cling to life long enough to learn that the rest of SEES have remembered, falling into a coma in Aigis' arms and dying in his sleep.

The Answer[]

SEES reforms in order to investigate the Abyss of Time after all of the surviving members become trapped in the dorm.

Persona 3 Reload[]

P3RE SuitcaseEquipment

The protagonist's equipment stored in a suitcase.

All combatants of S.E.E.S are given special gear to use in battle. It comes with personalized armbands, each numbered from 0 to 9 based on the order the allies have joined SEES in direct combat.

Starting with Mitsuru, Akihiko and Shinjiro from 0 to 2, they are followed by the protagonist, whose armband is numbered 3, based on the title of the game. The remaining members continue from 4 and after, particularly Yukari, Junpei and so on, until Ken at 9. Ikutsuki does not have an armband due to not having a Persona of his own and hence does not partake in battle.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth[]

SEES, after combining with the Investigation Team from Persona 4, uses the alias "Team Gekkou."

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth[]

There are two versions of SEES in this game; One led by the P3P heroine and the other led by the P3 hero. The SEES that the player interacts with for the most of the game is the one led by the P3 hero and the P3P heroine's version is not seen until the epilogue of the game.

The P3 hero's SEES was suddenly caught in the movie world when Tartarus suddenly collapses and the only way to escape is from a light at the top. They enter the light and instantly enter the movie reality A.I.G.I.S, where the P3 hero and Aigis were lost, as they were captured by the Overseer and are on their way to escaping the lab, only to be outnumbered and cornered. The party will encounter them fighting a group of KNS-1000 in the research lab area, where they were seemingly overwhelmed as Aigis' Orgia Mode failed to impact them and the P3 hero's Evoker was lost. The party rescues them by helping them fight the F.O.Es and they escape the movie to the cinema and join the party. The P3P heroine does not enter the movie world via Tartarus. Instead, she lands into Kamoshidaman from the Velvet Room via a dream during her study nap. As a result, she enters the movie world alone without assistance from her teammates.

The encountering between the P3 hero's SEES and the P3P heroine also proves to be traumatic for the latter, as none of them recognize her due to the fact that she came from an alternate reality despite appearing as identical people that she knows, resulting in her developing a strong sense of confusion and alienation and inversely the SEES members are also shocked and confused that she knows their names and has a real SEES armband and Evoker despite they never met her before. Therefore, the SEES members plan to know her more on the side quests. However, the P3 hero is capable of recognizing the P3P heroine instantly, as she is an identical existence of him in another reality.

After the final confrontation, the P3 hero recives a movie from an unknown source. Despite Junpei thinks that it was porn, it was actually a sci-fi movie and his teammates bought snacks and drinks for them to watch the movie.

The P3P heroine's SEES is seen welcoming her return to reality when she seemingly awoke from her studies. She felt an uneasy nostalgic feeling about the "dream" she experienced, but cannot explain why. Their response afterwards is identical, in which they bought food and drinks for her to watch a sci-fi movie under the chairman's permission.


The members, in the order they effectively joined, is as follows:

Member Role Period active Armband No.
Shuji Ikutsuki Founder 200X-November 6, 2009 - Discovered to have been manipulating SEES; deceased
Mitsuru Kirijo Leader 200X-April 1, 2010 0 Alive
Akihiko Sanada Member

Field leader

200X-April 1, 2010 1 Alive
Shinjiro Aragaki Member 200X-2007*
September 2, 2009-October 4, 2009
2 Deceased
Fell into a coma
Makoto Yuki / Kotone Shiomi Field leader April 18, 2009-March 5, 2010 / April 20, 2009-March 5, 2010 3 Deceased
Yukari Takeba Member 200X-April 1, 2010 4 Alive
Junpei Iori Member April 19, 2009-April 1, 2010 5 Alive
Fuuka Yamagishi Navigator June 11, 2009-April 1, 2010 6 Alive
Aigis Member
Field leader
July 21, 2009-April 1, 2010 7 Alive
Koromaru Member August 8, 2009-April 1, 2010 8 Alive
Ken Amada Member August 28, 2009-April 1, 2010 9 Alive
Metis Member March 31, 2010-March 31, 2010 - Merged with Aigis

In Other Languages[]

Language Title
Flag of Japan Japanese 特別課外活動部 (Tokubetsu kagai katsudō-bu)
Special Extracurricular Activities Department
Flag of Spain Spanish Sociedad Extraescolar de Ejecución de Sombras
Extracurricular Shadow Execution Society
Flag of France French Section d'exécution extrascolaire spécialisée
Specialized Extracurricular Execution Section
Flag of Germany German Spezialisierte extrakurrikuläre Exekutionssquad
Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad
Flag of Italy Italian Squadra Esecutiva Extracurricolare Specializzata
Specialized Extracurricular Executive Squad
Flag of Poland Polish Specjalny Pozalekcyjny Oddział Egzekucyjny
Special Extracurricular Execution Squad
Flag of Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Setor Especializado em Execução Supracurricular
Specialized Supracurricular Execution Sector
Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China Traditional Chinese 特別課外活動部 (Tèbié kèwài huódòng bù)
Special Extracurricular Activities Department
Flag of Hong Kong Simplified Chinese 特别课外活动部 (Tèbié kèwài huódòng bù)
Special Extracurricular Activities Department
Flag of South Korea Korean 특별과외활동부 (Teugbyeolgwaoehwaldongbu)
Special Extracurricular Activities Department
Flag of Russia Russian Специализированный Внешкольный Исполнительный Отряд
Specialized Extracurricular Implementation Squad
Flag of Türkiye Turkish Uzman Müfredat Dışı İnfaz Birliği
Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad


Persona 3[]

Persona 3 Reload[]

Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight[]

Persona 3 The Movie[]



Portraits of SEES members (sans the protagonist) ripped from Persona 4.

  • In Persona 4's files, there are unused battle portraits of Persona 3's SEES members.

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