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a special conversation in Megami Ibunroku Persona between the player's Persona Durga and the demon Gdon

"The echoes of soul began to stir..."
—A special conversation being triggered in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

In the Megami Tensei games where contact commands are available for negotiation between the party members and the enemy, sometimes a special conversation may be triggered under specific conditions. These conversations usually reference the mythological connection between the two parties, which can be either friendly or hostile. Conversations might also reference visual references, such as Jack Frost and Black Frost. Usually after a friendly chat, the enemy may gift the player team with a specific item and then leave the battle. If the relationship is hostile, the battle may either continue normally or someone will be inflicted with the berserk ailment.



Shin Megami Tensei NINE

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* What happens after Freya/Valkyrie and Titania/Oberon conversations?

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Talker Target Result
Aello Ocypete Target joins party if negotiations are successful
Isora Azumi Target joins party if negotiations are successful
Ifrit Jinn Target joins party if negotiations are successful
Odin Loki Target becomes hostile
Fenrir Target becomes hostile
Garuda Raja Naga Target becomes hostile
Naga Target becomes hostile
Gandharva Kinnari Target joins party if negotiations are successful
Apsaras Target joins party if negotiations are successful
Raja Naga Target becomes hostile
Pyro Jack Jack Frost Target joins party if negotiations are successful
Susano-o Yamata no Orochi Target becomes hostile
Titania Oberon ?
Parvati Ganesha Target joins party if negotiations are successful
Freya Valkyrie ?
Hecate Empusa Target joins party if negotiations are successful
Morrigan Cu Chulainn Target leaves
Barong Rangda Target becomes hostile
Nidhoggr Hresvelgr Target becomes hostile

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

  • All these special conversations are one-off. Once the event has been triggered, the next time the same talker and target will react as they're performing a normal conversation.
Talker Target Gift
Odin Loki Great Chakra
Valkyrie Vi Incense
Thor Ruby
Scathach Setanta Lu Incense
Shiva Naga Great Chakra
Raja Naga Diamond
Kali Dakini Ag Incense
Uzume Sarutahiko Emerald
Kurama Karasu Lucky Ticket
Koppa Soma Droplet
Chimera Orthrus Chakra Pot
Cerberus Soma Droplet
Orthrus Cerberus Chakra Pot
Dionysus Mada Ma Incense
Garuda Raja Naga Soma
Naga (Turn swap)
Barong Rangda (Turn swap)
Talker Target Gift
Michael Throne Diamond
Dominion Pearl
Virtue Emerald
Power Sapphire
Principality Jade
Archangel Opal
Angel Amethyst
Gabriel Throne Pearl
Dominion Emerald
Virtue Sapphire
Power Jade
Principality Opal
Archangel Amethyst
Angel Ruby
Talker Target Gift
Raphael Throne Emerald
Dominion Sapphire
Virtue Jade
Power Opal
Principality Amethyst
Archangel Ruby
Angel Agate
Uriel Throne Jade
Dominion Opal
Virtue Amethyst
Power Ruby
Principality Agate
Archangel Aquamarine
Angel Turquoise

Exclusive conversation skills

These skills are only learned from a specific demon. Most of these skills have their true effects only triggered when the original learners perform the skills. Also unique quotes are only spoken by the original learners.

Skill Learner Effect True effect
Soul Recruit Valkyrie Recruits neutral demon. Valkyrie instantly recruits male target.
Mischief Loki Recruits neutral demon. Male talker instantly recruits female target.
Death Pact Mithra Recruits neutral demon and
may petrify target should it refuse.
Mithra instantly recruits target.
Maiden's Plea Kikuri-Hime Soothes an enraged target. Young female instantly
soothes an enraged target.
Wine Party Dionysus n/a Dionysus instantly settles all negotiation issues.

Shin Megami Tensei V

These are all confirmed special conversations in the game:

Talker Target Result
Forneus Decarabia Item, target leaves
Kaiwan Decarabia Item, target leaves
Koppa Tengu Kurama Tengu Item, target leaves
Amanozako Koppa Tengu Item, target leaves
Yoshitsune Kurama Tengu Item, target leaves
Odin Valkyrie Item, target leaves
Loki Valkyrie Target becomes hostile
Zeus Daemon Item, target leaves
Demeter Kaya-no-Hime Item, target leaves
Mara Slime Target leaves
Mara Girimehkala Item, target leaves
Barong Rangda Target becomes hostile
Adramelech Yurlungur Target becomes hostile
Belphegor Shiki-Ouji Item, target leaves
Belphegor Mermaid Item, target leaves
Mermaid Kelpie Item, target leaves
Inugami Shiki-Ouji Item, target leaves
Black Frost Jack Frost Target leaves
King Frost Jack Frost Target leaves
Cerberus Orthrus Item, target leaves
Hydra Cerberus Item, target leaves
Orthrus Chimera Item, target leaves
Cerberus Chimera Item, target leaves
Hydra Yamata no Orochi Target becomes hostile
Ganesha Girimehkala Item, target leaves
Cironnup Koropokkur Item, target leaves
Scathach Setanta Item, target leaves
Fionn mac Cumhaill Setanta Item, target leaves
Manananggal Loup-garou Item, target leaves
Vishnu Hanuman Item, target leaves
Cait Sith Nekomata Target leaves
Hayataro Nue Item, target leaves

Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon

Random encounters can start a conversation with a party demon, or have the talker begin one when conversing with demons. Demons grouped together such as Angel, Dominion, Throne have the same conversations with that demon.

Talker Target
Raiho Jack Frost
Arioch Mishaguji
Nandi Gozuki
Yoshitsune Kurama
Cu Chulainn Scathach
Triglav Ichimokuren
Barong Rangda
Okuninushi Futsunushi
Okuninushi Mahakala
Hitokotonushi /
Utai-gaikotsu /
Decarabia Ichimokuren
Cerberus Orthrus
Sati Parvati
Orthrus Cerberus
Ichimokuren Triglav
Lucifer Angel / Archangel / Dominion / Throne
Sandalphon Angel / Archangel / Dominion / Throne
Camael Angel / Archangel / Dominion / Throne
Metatron Angel / Archangel / Dominion / Throne
Talker Target
Metatron Sandalphon
Shiva Parvati
Shiva Raja Naga
Shiva Mahakala
Lilim Jubokko
Fenrir Thor
Masakado Preta / Makami / Ukobach
Black Frost Jack Frost
Mara Mishaguji
Tam Lin Pixie
Lilith Incubus
Titania Oberon
Nagasunehiko /
Abihiko /
White Rider Mot / Mokoi
Black Rider Mot / Mokoi
Red Rider Mot / Mokoi
Pale Rider Mot / Mokoi
Nesting Doll Chernobog
Nesting Doll Ichimokuren / Triglav
Orthrus Nue

Megami Ibunroku Persona

A special conversation can be triggered if specific demons are encountered while party members are equipped with specific Personas. The demons/Personas which initiate these conversations are noted on the stat templates as "Persona Talk" (ペルソナトーク, Perusona Tōku)?. If the relationship between Persona and demon is Friendly (友好, Yūkō)? or between a Master and their Servant (主従, Shujū)?, the player obtains the demon's Spell Card, however Spell Cards obtained this way do not count towards obtaining the Avatar Totem. If their relationships is Hostile (敵対, Tekitai)?, both will be afflicted with Fury.

Persona Demon
Azrael Virtue
Otohime Otohime
Cerberus Orthrus
Succubus Succubus
Jack Frost
Pyro Jack
Jack Frost
Pyro Jack
Nike Angel
Barbatos Barbatos
Pixie Pixie
Lilim Lilim
Persona Demon
Kali Kwancha
Shiva Ganesha
Durga Gdon
Michael Angel
Loki Fenrir
Persona Demon
Airgetlam Crom Cruach
Garuda Naga
Tyr Fenrir
Pallas Athena Arachne
Fuhedi Mergane Mangadhai
Marduk Mushussu

Persona 2

Similar to Persona, if certain demons are encountered while party members are equipped with specific Personas, special conversations will be initiated. The specific demons and Personas required are again noted under "Persona Talk". Special conversations can now result in the player receiving Tarot Cards of the demon's Arcana if the relationship is Friendly. If their relationship is that of a Master and their Servant, the player will either receive Tarot Cards, form a pact with the demon, or receive a special item. If the relationship is Hostile, both will be afflicted with Berserk (not to be confused with Fury). This particular ailment is incurable by any skill or item unless the berserk ally is rendered unconscious and then revived.

Special conversations in Persona 2 happen automatically and randomly at the beginning of the battle once both the required Persona and demon are present. These conversations are also repeatable including the Fariedone-Azhi Dahaka pair even after the latter invulnerability has been disabled permanently.

Innocent Sin

Persona Demon
Cerberus Orthrus
Succubus Succubus
Jack Frost
Pyro Jack
Jack Frost
Pyro Jack
Barbatos Barbatos
Pixie Pixie
Persona Demon
Odin Valkyrie
Michael Angel
Loki Fenrir
Persona Demon
Indra Takshaka
Odin Fenrir
Quetzalcoatl Tezcatlipoca
Hades Demeter

Eternal Punishment

Persona Demon
Cerberus Orthrus
Succubus Succubus
Jack Frost
Pyro Jack
Jack Frost
Pyro Jack
Barbatos Barbatos
Pixie Pixie
Mars Ares
Persona Demon
Indra Kabhanda
Odin Valkyrie
Shiva Vasuki
Set Apep
Loki Fenrir
Hastur Byakhee
Persona Demon
Azhi Dahaka
Angra Manyu
Indra Takshaka
Odin Fenrir
Quetzalcoatl Tezcatlipoca
Tishtoriya Apaosha
Fariedone Azhi Dahaka
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